Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When you go to someone's house and the garbage can and toilet paper is on top of the toilet... They must have a toddler. And I've fished that ducky out of the toilet at least 4 times in the last week. I think it's time for that ducky to retire. 
I've been honing in on my Photoshop skills and spending any free time on photography. I still make items for my sKaDesigns and I got the baby's quilt finished! 
Remington weighs just over 21 lbs and is " tall. At 19 months he talks quite a bit for his age even if I'm he onl one that knows what he's saying! He loves strawberries and cars. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Remington is 19 months! In the last week he has begun talking so much! I'm the only one that knows what he's saying but its still so crazy! 
He says "I want some" "I want out" "good night!" 
Good bye, Beck, Paisley, Penny. He still doesn't say Remmy or Remington. Candy, cookie, cracker, cheese, cereal (we are uber healthy around here!) band many many more words! I know that Penelope talks a lot for her age, but I don't remember her talking so soon! And Beck and Paisley didn't talk until they were 3! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stephens oldest brother Todd, aka nicest guy ever, has been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukimia. He had been sick since Thanksgiving and was given antibiotics over and over again and finally went to the ER in Tri cities last Saturday, where he still hasn't been released. They started chemo for 7 days on this past Monday and will then rest for a week and then another 7 days of chemo and then reevaluate and discuss bone marrow transplant. The brothers will all be tested as donors. Prayers for Todd and family!!! 
I sure wished my kids slept. I understand that somewhere along the line that I "messed up." One too many times exhaustion helped me give in and I brought them to bed. Remington is almost two and I still rock him to sleep, selfishly because I love that snuggle time, that 20 minutes of peace, just him and I. I gently place him in his bed, even though by 2am I am stumbling through the dark following his cries to only bring him to come lay by me or on the floor. When any of the kids are sick they sleep on my floor. It's easier for me to hear the vomit and race to catch it or clean it up. Again. It's a lose lose for me. Between the 4 of them I think I get up between 10-20 times each night depending on who is sick, wet the bed, or just cant seem to settle down. Remington is probably the worst. That kids is fussy in his sleep, like uber fussy. Penelope likes to fall sleep wherever I am. So if I am up late folding clothes she is laying down outside the laundry room doorway, or sleeping on the floor next to where my lap top is as I edit pictures. If she falls asleep for a late nap (she doesn't nap normally anymore) because we have been driving around To activities after school then I can guarantee that she will be up until 2am. Last time I slept all night was in July when Stephen took me to Switzerland. And even then I think I was up worrying about the kids or skyping them because of the time change. 
I understand that I signed up for this and I even can deal with it most of the time because I am quite the insomniac myself. But being 6 months pregnant with #5 and not being able to lay on the ground with them anymore and I'm getting up every hour to pee anyways it's really starting to take a toll. I am past the point of exhaustion. I am somewhere in between zombie status and psychoville. But right? I will miss this. When my babies are grown up and gone and I'm getting up to deal with arthritis and early morning strolls through the neighborhood with my little yappy dog that I will treat like a baby. I will miss this. Time is passing too quickly, the are growing too fast. One day I will miss this, but at 2am when I've barely caught a wink of shut eye myself I am not going to lie. I don't miss it. Not yet. Not for one second.