Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oh this kid.  

I spent countless hours reminding him to brush his teeth, put his shoes away, and do his homework. I fought with him to practice his piano and for heavens sake leave his sister alone! I spent 30 min dumpster diving to find some lost homework, and another hour arguing why he needed to wear clean socks every day. This was all over the course of only 2 days. 

Well, last night when he knew the words to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer and sang with me all the way to basketball practice, I knew I wasn't completely failing as a mother! ❤️

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A new baby is coming to join us! I'm 10 weeks along and baby will be here March 2017! Family of 8 here we come! 
Beck jammed his toe or broke it while at the cabin. It's still swollen 😳
Violet got caught digging in the dirt with moms toothbrush. She had no regrets. 
Raspberry picking! We ate most
Of them 

Canning salsa and making decorations and flowers for niece Kylees wedding in 2 weeks! Along with photo
Sessions and editing I am sad this summer has flown by! 
Jakobi came to stay in Moses Lake for the week of our birthday! Celebrated #34 eating J's Terryaki and painting pottery at the Art Garden. 
All of our kids! Every other one is hers than mine! 
Most of our summer has consisted of mini photo shoots, friends over to play, cabin time. 

4th of July fun and the kids watched the fireworks on the roof with cousins and dad. 

Cabin fun with grandma and grandpa beck and uncle Justin visiting and Violet's first time on the rock slide. 

Ashton Family week! 

We stayed in little Red. I think I will be sad when they tear it down. 

Beck is doing well on the wake board and paisley is enjoying the knee board. You can't get Remmy off of the tube! 
We adopted a dog! A 4 year old white poodle that we named Hermione. She has made herself right at home. ❤️

Stephen and I took a 2 days trip, just us, to Las Vegas. We walked a lot, laughed, ate good food, and even took a nap. ❤️ We saw the show "O" and enjoyed our time together.