Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I had a show this last weekend. It was a long day- set up was 2 hrs the night before and this is a before shot. Next day bright and early at 8:30 until I got home a little after 5:30. It was my first time feeling successful after two years of opening up sKaDesigns. It felt great!! I made money! More than I have ever made!!! It was an absolutely awesome feeling. Met some fun new friends and went home with way less product that what I took out there. Fancy Farmgirl Fall Fest was a hit for sKaDesigns! 
My house and my children I cannot say faired as well. Hungry, crying, disaster of a house upon my return, but as Stephen would say "they are still alive aren't they?" After hours of cleaning up and getting kids and house back in order I found gum in Penelope's beautiful long locks. Luckily I didn't have to cut out too much!!! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just had to cut gum out of Penelope's hair! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clear back on the 27th of September, but this post isn't wanting to load....We got to tag along with Stephen to a conference that he was putting on in San Diego. 
We hung out for 3 days while Stephen worked and went to Sea World and had a blast swimming at the pool. 

The kids loved Sea World, but not getting wet by Shamu and friends. 
We then made a quick stop at Hintington Beach. And left with loads of shells and sand. 
Then when Stephens conference was done we hit 3 days of Disneyland in sweltering heat and with smiling faces and precious family time!  
Peneleope's favorite was the courosel  which we rode about 6 times. She would always get shy around the characters but still wanted her book signed. She did open up around her idol, Minnie, and also Snow White and Anna and Elsa! 
We were finishing up the Small World ride and saw the Frozen float pass and Paisley jumped right off the ride and took off running to catch them. She ran right down the middle of the parade route, Elsa cape flowing in the wind, at full speed. I was chasing her with Penelope on my hip and was running as fast as I could to try andc. Arch her yelling her name. It took 3 Disney employees 1/8 mile and audience members laughing and yelling "Run elsa run!!!" Before they caught her and kindly escorted her off the parade route. Then we cut through the castle and made it to see their float a ways down the route. She was soooo excited and I wish that I had a picture of her running trying to catch her! We did have tickets to meet her later that night and Paisley says it was the best time of her life. :D Penny was hesitant and then jumped down and ran up to Anna. 
Happiest place on earth at 8pm after a long hot full day? I think not! Haha! 
Great memories and lots of fun had! We are now exhausted! And oh yeah... 
#5 will be joining us April 21, 2015 :D yeah! 
Beck bit into candy corn and his loose tooth was bleeding so he pulled it out! :) 

Today Paisley wanted to know if "daddy went to not listen to your wife school" hmmmm.... 

Here he is at #37. Happy birthday (Last Sunday) to the love of my life that keeps our loves anything but boring! 
I just LOVE Beck's response to this math problem...