Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How has a year already gone by?!?! Just at this time last year I was trying my hardest not to clean up on Christmas Day, so that I didn't go into labor! I did make it until the next morning and Penelope was born that evening, the day after Christmas. While she is little and doesn't know any different we will celebrate her birthday as is, but perhaps when she gets older she will get two birthdays?
My little baby is big and growing and healthy and we just love Miss Penelope. We call her Penny more than anything and she really is quite the trooper. Mostly happy all the time. Loves her brother and sister except when they won't get out of her face! She's starting to stand up on her own. She still loves her soft pink bunnies that she sleeps with and carries around after she wakes up. Penelope is a very big eater and never did like baby food and went straight to "real people food." The only things she won't eat are eggs and mandarin oranges so far. She has a very goofy grin that she loves to show off and will show it to anyone again and again shown below in the picture of her and her grandma Ann.
It has been so fun to have her in our family and we are excited for the fun memories to come with her. We have definitely decided to keep her around! haha!
I found a littl bit of time to snap some pictures of Penelope in her "My First Christmas" outfit. I had this made last year as I was SURE she would make her arrival BEFORE Christmas. I was wrong and she came the day AFTER. SO I had a newborn size onesie with her name and everything on it. I cut it up and sewed it onto a bigger onesie and added some ruffles and lace to cover up the rugged parts.

I must say that Miss Penelope makes a sassy cute "day after Christmas" baby! Merry Christmas Princess. (and Happy Birthday tomorrow)
 Christmas Eve we spent at Kortni's house decorating a gingerbread train,
 opening Christmas jammies,

 and Bingo!

 The kids rewrote their Christmas lists for Santa and left them in the tree "so he for sure will see it!" Santa got a little stressed but was able to deliver the Webkinz, but the bell from his sleigh was needed as he had no extras and promised to bring some next year if the kids still wanted them.

 KIds woke up about 7:30 and saw the Santa gifts before I could stop them and get my camera and dressed. SO I made them run out again.

 Stephen has been pretty sick the last few days and tried to be a trooper, but then spent the rest of the day in bed.

 Uncle Kalan is here spending Christmas with us and got a much anticiapated action camera from mom and dad.

 Penelope was pretty interested in the wrapping paper but liked her dolls that she got and really loves her scooter bike that plays rocking music!

 I made the kids wait for stockings until after breakfast because my camera had a dead battery.
 Penny just wanted what all the other kids had.

 WE then ate Christmas dinner at Aunt Kortni and Uncle Brandon's. I was in charge of the ham and green bean casserole which didn't turn out half bad.
 Penelope as usual loving her food.
 Stephen stayed home in bed, poor guy.
Merry Christmas to all and may the true spririt of Christmas be remembered!
 After seeing Santa and getting Santa pictures at the art museum in Moses Lake, Beck stopped at an exhibit where you draw the birds/owl that you are looking at. My little artist was pretty proud of himself!

 Santa came to visit at the kids school and this is the first year Paisley has willingly sat on his lap.
 Penelope did not do what I expected; smile at him!

And Beck lengthened his list...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Me and the kids are all sleeping downstairs (Stephen is sick) and Paisley was laying next to me on the couch and then got up and sat down on the ground for a few seconds and then came back. "I just had to take a farting."
 The Stephen Ashton Family kids Christmas pictures with Santa 2012
Beck is 6 years old and in the 1st grade. He is still involved in break dancing and recently started
piano Lessons. Beck loves to sing and make up songs and has become a great reader!
 Paisley is 4 years old and is in preschool. She loves her cousins and playing My Little Ponies. She
attends gymnastics 2x’s a week and also dance class. She loves her Science class on Fridays.

 Penelope has grown up way too fast! She loves to give her goofy smile to anyone who will respond and keep responding. She has 8 teeth and could literally eat us out of house and home. This goofy grin has taken some practice to catch on camera, but the photographer at these Santa pics caught it!