Monday, May 25, 2015

Beck participated in Night of the Notables. He chose to be Russell Wilson the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He gave a speech complete with facts about his life in front of many parents and was graded on it. He did so good! 
Sacrament meeting is hard. Like really hard. I serve in the nursery at church and I love it. I love the little kids, the easy lessons, and how quickly is goes by cause you're busy the whole time. But by the time I get to sacrament meeting I'm exhausted. Keeping Remmy and Penelope sitting for more than 30 secs is rough and making Paisley and Beck be reverent is not any easier. But we keep on keeping on and hopefully in the end our children will be the better for it! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

My little mischief maker Remington. There are no words for the amount of trouble he gets into daily. He has an obsession with my make up as shown... 

On the 13th our Baby Vi turned 1 month! Time flies, I say it every time one of them get bigger, but I really cannot believe she was not a part of our lives just a month ago! 
She is a sweet little newborn and puts up with a lot from her older brothers and sisters. Penny thinks that she is her own personal baby doll and always wants to hold her. 
Some of my favorite shots from HeatherLynn of our princess Violet Snow. 

Paisley enjoys singing so much! She is involved in a Community children's choir directed by Carrie Welty. This is her receiving bed end of the year trophy which is currently one of her most prized pocessions. 
She sang a duet with her friend, Iris Jenks. They sang Colors of the Wind and did a great job! 
Her teacher Carrie is moving to Florida in a month and as you can tell Paisley absolutely adores her! 
Stephen qualified for a trip to Germany with a company he does business with. We leave in July and I am so excited! Little Violet gets to come with us and it took us a good two days to get s good passport photo! This was one of the many out takes. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

This little Penelope and I butt heads. A lot. Several times a day. She loves ballet and she dances around the house. When she gets to class she is fine after "watching" for a few minutes or a few times she won't even go in at all. But she likes teacher Isabelle Cleverly and the girls in her class. She does NOT like getting dressed into her dance clothes or leaving our house. It doesn't help that class is at 2:30 when she is Awnry and tired. She becomes a limp noodle and if you've ever tried to put ballet tights on a limp noodle... 
So Stephen had an idea, after countless weeks of me calling him bawling, to get her dressed first thing in the day. I promised a snack of popcorn and she totally cooperated to get dressed in dance clothes!!!  I hope this works... 
Yuck. This Remington kid loves his toothpaste... 
The reasons why I get out of bed every day and several times in the night. The reasons why I smell like rotten milk and I can't keep my eyes open once 3:15 hits. The reasons why I love stretchy pants and I regret piercing my belly button in my teen years. The reasons why I cook, clean, repeat, several times a day. The reasons why my patience has gotten better and also worse at the same time. And the reasons why my heart beats every day. My babies. <3 May I never regret my path in life to take on the role of mother and may I never forget the sticky hands and sloppy kisses. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who Mothers those around you! 
We spent Mothers Day in Othello after church and we had some yummy hamburgers and played our traditional kick ball game. Fun day with cousins and family!! 

My man. That I appreciate and love every day. 
Some peopl have to work out to feel sane and some enjoy cooking. I like to make stuff and as long as I can craft I will survive and not go off the deep edge no matter how crazy it gets around here! 
This is Violets keepsake tin to stick a few baby items and momentos in. 
This will be her 4th of July outfit to match the girls' dresses that j made out of the same Mickey Mouse vintage sheet.  
I'm a little obsessed with making these little sun rompers...
Her stats quilt that is off to the quilters to be finished. I will finish the binding. 
A zippered pouch project that has been sitting waiting for me to finish for a while.

This is the dress that I was blessed in jazzed up a bit. Mine had a little yellow ribbon and I added more and the purple and the bonnet. Also a little matching bracelet and binky chain. She will be blessed June 7. 
And my vintage craft show that I participated in at the fairgrounds this past Saturday the 9th. The Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market!! I had dresses and sun rompers, bonnets, fabric cuffs and hair pieces made with vintage fabrics and brooches and buttons. And other vintage items, books, knick knacks. I made back any money i spent on products and an extra $300, so anything I sell now will be profit! Yeah! I had a lot of fun and this is my second year doing this show. I absolutely love it and my booth partner, Mary Davenport. My friend, Keri Perez had her booth across from me and it's such a fun day! It's hard to come home to a trashed house, but I need to understand that the older kids are still alive and had a fun day with their dad. Violet spent the day with me and she was very good! 
Beck has been break dancing since he was 4 years old. This is Aim Crew at a competition in Spokane a few weeks ago. He just started competing this year. He loves it! I like watching him of course but the travel all day I'm not liking so much. I don't know if we will be able to keep up with it. We are headed to Tacoma this weekend.