Thursday, April 14, 2016

12 months! Wow! 17 lbs and 1 ounce and 28" tall. ❤️
Violet got to celebrate her 1st birthday cake up at the cabin during Spring Break. 
To say she loved it is an understatement. 

My baby girl is 1! This year has flown by. She is the sweetest thing. We love her consistent smile. She hates her car seat. She loves food and eats what we eat. She is still an avid nurser and sleeps with mom and dad mostly. She loves her siblings and her new baby doll that she got for her birthday! 
My most favorite place in the world is the cabin at Priest Lake. 

Stephen has taken it upon himself to teach the kids how to fish as he learns himself. Such precious moments. 

And poor Paisley found a tick moving around in her ear when we were laying down for bed! Luckily we got it but she was pretty freaked out! 
We took Paisley's pictures for her baptism whole up at the cabin for Spring Break. 

She received scriptures from her grandma Ann and Grandpa Bob. She was baptized on the 9th by her father. More pictures to come! 

We then left for the cabin the day after her party to spend Spring Break at the cabin. We celebrated again on Sunday, her real birthday. She requested waffles and strawberries for her birthday breakfast and Pasta-Roni for her birthday dinner. 
She spent most of the day reading her new book, Mal's Spellbook, and playing with cousins. 
Paisley is smart, funny, and kind. She is a great friend and the perfect amount of quirky and sweet. She's a great reader and her teacher raves about her. She's a rule follower and a creative at heart. 

Paisley turns 8. 
What a sweetheart and what a beauty! 

We had a tea party for her and some friends. I planned for months and we decorated treats and made decorations. 

So many details and really such a fun event to have and plan. 
Paisley and her best friend, Miciah Higley. 
She had slime fun friends attend and I think that everyone had a great time. Paisley was gracious and such a fun host. 

Our servers for the even were Courtlynn Cardwell, cousins Alizah and Piper, and brother Beck.