Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 Another AIM Graduation has come and gone. Paisley performed her tap and ballet as pre schow entertainment and then quickly changed her clothes.
 To graduate from Preschool! Our little girl is going to be in Kindergarten!
 Beck graduated from 1st grade and having his teacher, Miss Candace who has been his teacher for the past 2 years in tears as he read her a poem and about all the things that she had taught them.

 His classmates and him also gave her a tree to plant at her new house along with a Home Depot gift card. He cried when he got home after it his him that all his friends are going to different ways and to different schools.
 Below is his painting of Mount Rushmore that was on display at the Graduation Night.
 Here's me, 9 months pregnant and our cute little family.
 Paisley and her teacher, Miss Marni, who she sayd is the "smartest teacher at AIM School because she knows when my birthday is."
 My cute little kids. So sad and excited at the same time to watch them grow.

 Grandma Ann and Bobby boy as well as Aunt Tiffanni, Kylee, and Baby Asher drove out to watch the kids. So happy to have such great family.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Beck and Paisley had their last days of school this past week. My how much they have grown! Beck had a spelling bee on the last day and also "awards" in which he won the "Most Organized" "Mad Scientist Award" "Number Cruncher Award" "Best Actor aka Most Dramatic Award"and the "Out of this World award" for his excellence in school this year. He really has learned so much and his teacher Miss Candace sure knows how to handle him and his odd ways!
Paisley had a water party on the last day and it happened to be freezing, but she still went to school in her swim suit and played with water balloons and didn't complain once! She has learned so much as well and is loving numbers and adding and is ready for Kindergarten next year. Her teacher, Miss Marni has helped her come out of her shell and even let her paint her hands at foot towards the end of the year! Paisley and Beck are both convinced that they are riding the bus next year to school, but I keep telling them one step at a time!!! Mama can't let go all at once!

 Beck performing his Break Dancing and Paisley her tap number at Moses Lake SpringFest 2013 at the Ampitheatre in the park.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 Paisley's dance class tap and ballet. Paisley, Kathrine, and Janell. Not pictured is Austin.
 Paisley is a pretty good little dancer and learns quickly. She hates wearing make up and having people see her in her costume. She cries if you put lip gloss on her.
 Beck and his flag football team with Upward Sports. He's not very aggressive, but has fun "winning" and cheering on his teacmmates and high fiving them and stealing their flags.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

 Busy Busy Busy month of May! This is what I THOUGHT was Penelope's first sucker. I was so excited! She LOVED it! Then Stephen kindly informed me that he had given her one at church today when he had taken her to class with him. I wish he would've lied and just let me believe....
 And the hair, this Penelope baby has got some great hair! Love it!

 Beck has been in flag football for the past few weeks and is not in love with it, but is humoring his mom and dad and of course he has no choice and has to stick with the season anyways. :) He has had a few opportunities to run the ball and stolen a few flags in the process, so I am counting it as a success!

 His loyal fans Paisley and Penelope and Grandpa Bob came to a game a few weeks ago!
 The month of May has also brought the end of school year activities like this school music play the 3 Nanny Goats. Beck was a nanny goats little brother and did a great job. Pictured below is his entire 1st grade class. Some of these kids have been in the same class for years! Megan, Courtlynn (who is our neighbor and we car pool with her) cousin Piper, Beck, Kellan, Bodie, Cortney, and Emma Claire Tatum. Next year will be Beck's first year attending public school and we are excited to see what the year holds for us and also sad because this means our little guy is growing up!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To my beautiful babies... May you always stay little and love to sit on my lap. You are forbidden of ever hating me or even thinking that anything I do is not in your best interest. Mommy loves you more and always will, don't even try and argue. Happy Mother's Day to my own beautiful Mother and every woman that has ever had a hand in making me the mother and caregiver that I am today! When I was younger my grandma would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I answered, "a mom." As if there was anything else in the world that would be as glorious. So from the mashed up marshmellows in the carpet and the blood blister on the bottom of my foot from stepping on legos to the up in the middle of the night sheet changing and soothing ear aches and throbbing growing pains, you make it all worth it, my babies. The smiles, the kisses, the insane laughter that sometimes sends me over the edge. You are my bread and butter, my sour punch straws, and my Mountain Dew. You, my babies, are better than anything and I love you more than you will ever know. I have the most glorious (insanely irritable) job in the world, being your mother and I thank my Father in Heaven for sending you all to me.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I ate the last cinnamon roll. I ate the one before that too. My kids came in and asked where the cinnamon rolls were. When I told them that I ate the last one and saw the sad looks on their faces I broke into hysterical tears...