Friday, December 27, 2013

 Christmas Eve jammies and levi quilts for each kid made by Keri Perez.

 Christmas Eve party at AIM with friends and family. We started off the night of fun with a Christmas video we watched on Youtube about Christ and giving in this season and then we read the Birth of Christ out of the scriptures. The Nelsons, the Becks (mom, dad, Kalan, Justin) the McKays, and the Vails were all in attendance at the party. Complete with pinata, Bingo and prizes, yummy scones, Nerf guns!
 Cousins and memories.
 Beck was going to catch Santa Claus. He fell asleep directly after.
 The blurry chaos of Christmas morning!

 Remington's 1st Christmas and Penelope's Little People Disney Princess castle from Santa.

 The aftermath...

 Stockings! We didn't get to stocking until later in the afternoon. We were hosting Christmas dinner, so it was busy busy.

 Remmy doesn't sit up yet, so our pictures were tricky.
 Christmas dinner with family and friends. We almost didn't have turkey, but we called Grandma Mimi and she reassured us that a little pink skin was fine, as long as the inside was done!
 All the kids yelling out "Merry Christmas!"
 Penelope didn't get to her stocking until well after her birthday party the day after Christmas. Just too with new toys, naps, food everywhere that needed to be eaten, melt downs, and birthday presents.

Merry CHRISTmas to all! WE had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

 Penelope Skye Ashton joined us the day after Christmas in 2011. She is now two!!!

 I really don't know where the time flew, but it flew fast wherever it went.

 My big bug eyed baby is in full toddler mode.

 Complete with destruction, frustration in not being able to speak yet, and some of the cutest smiles that will just melt you.

Her personality is infectious and as long as we can keep her happy, everyone will be happy!
Penelope can say:
mama, daddy (but the dd is pretty much silent) up, down, Beck, Hanna, milk, water, noooo, yes, yeahhhh, more, please, cheese, baby.
Pretty much all the words of stuff that will keep her a tiny bit busy during the day. Penelope is still pretty mush completely in love with food and will try/eat just about anything.
Favorite Foods are pretty much anything, but she loves strawberries, bananas, pizza, hot dogs, ham, Kraft cheese slices. She drinks lots of water and is still completely dependent on her binky. She steals Remington's at least 6 times a day. She loves love loves her daddy and her face lights up when he walks in the door.
Stats: Weight 28.6lbs and Height is 2 feet 11" She's in about the 75th percentile.
Miss Penelope is the most spunky little girl that the Ashton Family could have asked for! As much as we butt heads during the day, she is still definitely a keeper!!!

Well, it's happened. In my sleep deprived state in the wee hours of the morning I laid remmy on my bed after he woke up to eat and I reached up to rub my eyes to wake myself up and he rolled off and must have hit the bed rail. :( he hit the ground hard. Darn it :/ 

It's Christmas Eve and the kids are so excited! This mama is too! Camera battery charged and ready to go and it's only 1am.... 
This is Remington's 1st movie. We drove out to Othello and went the Reicherts show house with Aunt Tiffanni and cousins. Frozen was the movie and it was adorable! The kids all loved it. It was a hectic night and Paisley ended up sick throwing up everywhere, but we all enjoyed the movie none the less! Even Penelope was loving and watching it. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas is in full swing around here! We spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii and rushed home late Friday and got all cutied up to go see Santa on Saturday. 
Paisley asked for an American Girl doll.
Beck asked for Skylanders Giants Swap Force game for the Wii. 
Remington's first Christmas and he's getting bottles and Binkies. 
Penelope was a stranger danger type of Santa Clais screamer this year. Wanted absolutely nothing to do with him! Poor girl. But I HAD to get my Santa picture! Love this one! 
After Santa pictures we went a picked out a Christmas tree. Beck got to pick the tree out this year. 
Merry Christmas to all! Stephen Ashton family run down of 2013. Stephen Ashton has traveled a lot for work and always seems to text home and say "I wish I had brought you guys with me!" But he still loves what he does as a financial planner. He serves with the Young Men at church and he loves that as well. Korbi is busy at home keeping kids alive and her house somewhat clean. She still makes and sells crafty items to stay sane. Beck is almost 8 and will tell you "I get baptized on February 15th." He has found a new love for the Seattle Seahawks, much to the delight of his father. He even shares in the few days of depression following a loss. He is still involved in break dancing and he continues to enjoy it. Paisley is 5 years old and loves school and is reading. She loves to color and draw and is usually carrying around a notebook and writing utensil. She enjoys gymnastics and her piano lessons. Penelope will turn 2 the day after Christmas and also loves to draw and color like her older sister. She also loves to antagonize her mother and new little brother, Remington. Remington joined the Ashton Family in June and has been such a delight and has everyone wrapped around his little precious finger. He gets his picture taken almost daily. We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!