Saturday, December 27, 2014

3 years ago on Christmas Day I was trying my hardest to not overdo it, so that I could postpone labor. When I woke up on the 26th in the earl hrs with labor pains I was glad my little one would not be born on Christmas Day. It is fun to talk with her about Jesus' birthday bring Christmas and "who's birthday is tomorrow?" And she yells "Penny!" 

Penelope is my little firecracker. Always on high edge and full of emotion and pure spunk! She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating noodles, painting and coloring.  
Paisley loves Elsa and unicorns righ now. Pink is her favorite color. 
We got her a little trampoline and she was determined to let everyone know that it was hers! Happy Birthday our Princess Penelope! We love you so much! 
I sit here and rock my baby Remington on this Christmas Eve 
And ponder on Mary swaddling her precious bundle not wanting to leave 
The thoughts of a mother loving her little one
Thinking of the trials that must face her mighty Son 
The fear, the worry, the anguish, but oh, the glorious Love 
The Love sent from her Father in Heaven above 
To send her His perfect Son as sacrifice to care for 
So that all of His children could return home through that majestic door 
The door to Heaven, the door to peace and glory 
The door that came delivered as a tiny precious baby 

Merry Christmas to all! May we all remember the #firstgift the gift of a Son 

My sweet little Paisley is a singer. She loves her choir group! 
She is a little short misfit on the front row always fiddling with her clothes, but adorable none the less. 
Her friends, Iris Jenks and Nora Hines. 
She tried out for a duet with her friend Iris and the made the cut and sang "Where are you Christmas." Absolutely adorable and they sang loud and well! 
Special visitor and Paisley is always so excited to see. 
Daddy brought her roses, which she loves and shared with all around her. And crazy cousins after the performance. Cousin Alizah is also in the group. 
Christmas Eve the Nelson family was over for scones and gingerbread houses. We opened presents of Jammie's and had some fun! 
Uncle Bubba came to celebrate Christmas with us! 

The man in the red suit came and the kids slept in front of the fire place! 
Beck woke up a little before 6:30 and then woke up the other kids. We actually had to wake up Remington because he slept through the night! 
Penelope got her unicorn and Puppy Surprise toy! 
Beck kept going behind the tree to get presents and tipped the tree over! It landed on Penny and she was NOT happy! 
Christmas dinner was spent in Othello with the Ashton family. We love our Ashton family! Always laughter and fun memories. 
Uncle Tony and Aunt Mary organized gingerbread house making. 
The kids had a wonderful Christmas surrounded with family and memories. We are so thankful for all that we have and out glorious Savior. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Driving in the car yesterday I said, "let's go pick daddy out a present at the store, what's his favorite thing?" 
Beck, "Seahawks"
Paisley, "Family"

Love this man, even if he drives me nuts 80% of the time ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Went and saw Santa Claus at the museum this past Saturday. 
Beck asked for the Lego movie play station 3 game. He didn't want to sit on his lap and I told him just to stand next to him but Santa picked him right up and plopped him on his lap! 
Paisley gets into a fit of giggles whenever she sees Santa Claus! Can't hold her smile back. She asked for Puppy Surprise. 
Penelope was hesitant the whole way there but then ran right up to him to show him her puppy and then asked also for Puppy Surprise. 
Remington not so sure, but no crying! I was almost sad I didn't get a screaming crying picture...
And then one of all my sweet angels together. What cuties. Seriously- they are adorable. I love putting their outfits together, I spend months scouring stores and online. I'm quite obsessed with it, it's mostly ridiculous. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Someday, in the blink of an eye, my home will no longer have piles of little shoes, play doh pieces, strollers stored in the corner, or backpacks half hazardly thrown on the kitchen floor. Today is not that day. And I am told I will miss it. And I am sure that I will. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

My sweet, stubborn, sassy 2 year old, Penelope. She says her name "Pee-nail-lope." Love her. 
We have had a rough week since we returned from our vacation. Remington started with a fever on Saturday and then the hand foot and mouth disease rash started Monday night. All of the kids have had it, but I haven't ever seen it this bad. Poor Remmy. 

Then Penelope followed with a UTI come Tuesday and it's Friday night now and the fever hit her Wednesday and the hand foot and mouth disease rash showed up on her legs with a very uncomfortable itchy night and it's only just beginning. We are ready to be all healthy and go see Santa Claus tomorrow! Wish us luck! 
More Hawaii! A road trip to the "Grand Canyon of Kauai." 

Snow cones! The best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom. Tony holding Penelope's famous star floatie. 

New friend Ella with Sunny and Paisley at the pool. 

Cave exploration. Beck could have stayed there all day! 
This picture sums up Beck and Penelope's relationship. 

Red Eye flight anyone?