Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We have some sick kiddos. We spent the long weekend at the cabin and Rem and Violet came down with RSV. It's been a long few days and hopefully they are on the mend soon. We don't get to leave the house for another few days. 
I entered a photo contest where everything I used had to be purchased from WalMart. I purchased a scarf for the fur and made a dress from a bed sheet and spray painted a floral crown and used a necklace as a belt. I enjoyed the challenge and was heart broken when I didn't win. I had the most votes but the winner was chosen from the top 3 and the judges chose someone else. I know that I am supposed to grow and pick myself up and try again, but for a good few days I was really was devastated. Now it's onward and upward. 

Baby Violet is 10 months old! Scooting around and standing up hanging onto things at times. She still loves her mama and has started drinking water from a bottle. Vivi LOVES food and her siblings. She is 16 lbs and still as smiley as ever! 
Beck turned the double digits! 10 years old! 
He invited a bunch of boys over on Saturday the 6th for football at the park and then cake and ice cream back at the house. 

He's growing so fast! 
His humor is what gets me the most. And the fact that he's so darn handsome! 

I decided we needed to cut Penelope's hair. I was sad and I miss it, but the fight to brush it and do it I do NOT miss! She got her letter today from Pantene Beautiful Lengths for her generous donation of 9". She loves her short hair and the fact that she can brush it herself!