Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tomorrow is a first day of school for us. I have a 2nd grader, who's 1st day is tomorrow. I also have a Kindergartner, who starts next week, and 2 at home. My kindergartner will be going all day. I'm excited for them, and happy to still have two at home with me, but I'm mostly sad, I will admit it. I'm sad that it's all going too fast. My babies are growing up. My control is slipping... I hope I can hold it together tomorrow.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Poor Beck has had some serious eye allergy issues. Beck and I both have out allergies act up this time of the year whether it be wheat or the corn tassels I don't know, but this year Beck has gotten super swollen eyes as well. We are trying Zyrtec now for him. Wish us luck! 
Today was a hard day for this mama. Like serious. I don't feel well. Fever last night and body aches. And I have pink eye. Awesome. We had school orientation at 5:30. I was trying to get there right at 5:30 so that we could make it to football practice by 6:00. 
We didn't get to the school until 5:45 and I was pushing my huge stroller all around a new place to us with 100's of people everywhere. I felt so lost. Beck was excited as he ran into some friends right when we got there. I was upset that I had left my real camera at home. Sad face. Penelope was already mad and hungry and kicking Remington's seat that was in front of hers in our huge bus of a stroller.  
Beck has Mrs. Reyer for a teacher. I don't even know how to say her name. He has two little girls in his class that he knows; Chloe and our neighbor Courtlynn. 

He was excited about his desk and putting his markers and supplies into his desk. At this point we realize that I bought the wrong size binder. I am trying to hurry and flip through the packet he got and sign any papers that need signed and Paisley has tripped over something yet again and is bawling hysterically. (She fell asleep on the way to the school, so is very emotional at the point) Penelope is grabbing at any and everything and trying to eat it. 
After filling out a quick form and promising to send back the rest on Wednesday the first day, we head off to quickly get a tour from his buddy, Chloe, who is a Sage Point Elementary veteran. I realize that in all the craziness, Beck has had an accident and I send him to the nearest bathroom as I pick up Paisley once gain who is bawling hysterically and at this point Remington wakes up and is screaming hysterically. Beck is now lost. I can't find him anywhere. This school is set up in a circle and I start pushing that bus of a stroller around and around in this circle knowing that I am probably just missing him with every round of a corner that I make. People keep trying to stop me and make small talk. I don't have time for small talk. I have a starving screaming toddler, a crying newborn, pink eye and I'm carrying an emotional 5 year old while pushing bus stroller, frantically scanning crowd for excited 7 year old. Do I look like I have time to tell u about our summer?!?! I'm sorry, that was rude. Back to the story. After about 30 minutes we find Beck. Exchange hugs, have a chat about sticking in one place when You are lost and head for the car. We have missed football practice and all anyone wants is food. After paisley almost gets hit by a car an some stranger comes up and strokes the cheek of my two month, everyone is buckled and we are headed for nearest fast food place. A&W and Remmy is quiet so I book it home. He's screaming again, we realize Beck has left his backpack at the school with all the forms I'm sposed to fill out. Awesome. Get inside. Throw food at kids, feed Remington and as I am guzzling this Pepsi trying to calm my nerves and tell myself that everything is going to be ok I wonder if I really could do home schooling, cause it looks like a viable option...

Friday, August 23, 2013

 Baby Remington turns 2 months old. It goes by way too fast and he has gotten so big!
Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz 2%percentile
Length: 22" 20thpercentile
Head:15" 22%percentile.
 He has smiled a few times randomly, but I haven't really caught a picture yet. We are working on him falling asleep on his own. So far he likes his swing and being held. He also likes sleeping in mom and dad's bed and once he is put in his port a crib that is next to mom's bed he wakes right up to go back to mom's bed.
His siblings still adore him and Penelope still likes to poke him in the eye. Penelope also hates it when its time for Remmy to eat because she gets ignored when that happens. We call him Remmy and dad calls him Rem sometimes. The kids still sneak in Soren every once in a while. Remington is pretty active in flailing his arms and legs around and really likes to looks around when you hold him up on your shoulder. Not so much loving the football hold anymore. Likes to be able to see what's going on. We aare really loving him and how he is such a good baby and growing fast and strong.

Monday, August 19, 2013

 I always try and teach my children the value of a $1. It's tough when the Fair rolls around. The lights, the bright colors of the Carnival, the expense of it all. We went Tuesday night with cousins and family and Paisley wanted to play the fishing game sooooo bad and I kept saying no. She wouldn't let it go. We went back on Thursday to see what ribbons they got on their exhibits and she convinced me that this is still what she wanted to do and was going to use her own money. She played one time for about .07 seconds and "everyone is a winner" and she picked this little killer whale stuffed animal. In the middle of my "talk" and "lesson" about how we could save our money and make our own fishing pond and buy a bunch of toys at the $1 store or Oriental Trading instead of spending money on such silly games and winning silly toys that will fall apart she looked right at my face and said, "But mama we think that the things you spend your money on are silly!" End of lesson.

 Grant County Fair 2013!! I bought wristbands for Beck and Paisley back at Christmas time at a discounted price and this is the first year that they have been more than estatic to ride the rides and we spent hours at the carnival!

 Becck had some super awesome hair after this big ride that he was having such fun and went again and again!

 Penelope just wanted to be held by her daddy.
 and the yummy fair food!

 Remington at his first fair and Beck not so happy to go on this big drop ride, he got off and didn't end up riding it.

 We went back later in the week to see what ribbons the kids got on their entries and took cousin Ashton with us. The boys got their faces painted, we watched other cousins show sheep, and had more yummy food!

 The kids got various ribbons. Their paperwork got lost on two projects so they got participant ribbons and Paisley's My Little Pony book was lost so it didn't even get judged. She was sad, but got over it. Hopefully next year it will be more organized now that they have had a year to get used to their new system.

Petting cousin Rylee's sheep.
My baby Penelope had her first time in nursery 3 weeks ago. I took her out early because we left to go home and prepare for luncheon because of Remington's baby blessing being that day. Last week she cried until snack time. My friend, Bonnie, is in there and has babysat her a few times so now she is Penny's buddy. Today was her best day in there yet and I am super impressed! I thought she was gong to be a nightmare... I'm still secretly hoping that nursery leader will be my next calling, so Remington and I can still hang with Penelope.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I remember Mr. Waites 9th grade computer class. He was like "there's this thing called the world wide wide and it's like an all the time access to all the info in the world, but from a computer." We were all like "say what?!?" I signed up for my first email address and emailed some kid in china right there in class. An email came back the next day. We were all in shock!  I still have that same email address. :)