Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paisley was supposed to draw her "happy place." It Is in mom and dads room with the downstairs door and Windows locked. Love her!!! 
Beck dropped a button battery and the ground and we looked for 30 min and couldn't find it after Violet had been crawling around right then I'm the same spot, so to the clinic we went! Violet received her first X-ray. Thank heavens no battery! I went home and vacuumed the whole house and still didn't find it until 2 days later! 
Easter 2016. The Eastwr bunny didn't arrive until we had gotten home from early morning church. And the kids have eaten nothing but candy since then! We were able to enjoy a nice dinner in Othello with the Ashtons later in the afternoon and a windy but fun egg hunt! 

Oh man. Kids live here. In case no one knew that already. 
Easter pictures 2016 

I have been crafting away getting ready for my craft show May 7th, the Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market. I have found a new love of painting! 

I have started taking the kids into the Summerwood Alzheimers home once a month to perform their dancing, gymnastics, singing, and piano. Beck says "I just felt so great and I can't wait to go back." Penelope and Remington were shy and held back, but Violet gave out free hugs and loves!  I've got some great kids! 

Remington at 2.5 years is the cutest thing. He has a squeaky little voice and loves his planes, cars, and trucks. 

I have the best calling in church in the world! I am the nursery leader and I love it so much. I have been lucky enough to have Remington and Violet both in there since they were born. Here's my little doll loving on her little dolly. This made me realize how she's growing up, so she's getting a doll for her birthday in a few weeks ❤️

Friday, March 4, 2016

Cabin fun! 
Valentine's breakfast ❤️
We spent the majority for an evening and night with the power out. 

This view will never get old. 
And neither will this one! 
Cabin cousins!