Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beck and Stephen were able to go downtown to the Seahwks pregame festivities and I think that Beck had one of the best days of his life at all the activities and he even saw Sydney Rice! (Although he was too nervous to go and ask for a picture) Then Stelhen and Beck went and watched the game at a restaurant. 
Paisley has learned that she can text me from Stephen's iPad. (Stephen is called Daniel Craig in my contacts) I love her cute little text messages. And for the record Stephen and I were not fighting. We were arguing over who was going to set up Carbonite on the computer for backing up my pictures. 
We were at Costco in Seattle and I was taking pictures of Paisley's loose tooth trying to convince her to pull it out to no avail. I even offered $2 

Next thing I know I look down and she had pulled it out! She didn't look too happy about having done it, but she did it! 
She later bought ice cream while with Aunt Jakobi because she "didn't want Jake to use her money to buy my ice cream." Man, I've raised a keeper! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am 18 weeks. I feel little flutter movements from baby #5. We have chosen again to not find out the gender until birth. I am ansy. It's a long ways away. I am tired. Penelope and Remington keep me on my toes. All. Day. Long. If they aren't making messes together then they are making messes at opposite ends of the house or Prnny is beating up on a crying Remmy. I cherish these moments when Penny is watching Mickey Mouse and Remmy is cuddling with droopy eyes ready for nap time. I miss the older kids when they are at school and life gets crazy come 4:00 when they get off the bus and we rush off to activities. I cherish the days with no piano or gymnastics or football practice, but at the same time I beam listening to Paisley practice her choir songs and Beck watching football plays so he can practice during recess. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's finally happened! After 7 months Paisley finally opened the box of one of her birthday toys- she left them displayed after opening and didn't want to ruin the boxes. And tonight she made a decision to open one! Whoo hoo!!!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

She left a note for the tooth fairy because she isn't ready to give her tooth up yet. "Please do not take this, thank you." 
Stephen came across a showing in a theatre of my favorite movie of all time The Last Unicorn. It was touring around the world and playing in select theaters. I bought tickets for the girls and I to see it in a little town called Sunnyside, 2 hours away. 

I think they were as excited as I was! 
Meeting and getting an autograph from Peter S. Beagle who wrote the book San also the screenplay. The girls even got their picture for the Sunnyside newspaper. 

They also won a raffle and some unicorn poster prints from the show. 
It was a success and they loved it! I think I have two little girls to join me in my unicorn obsession! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

We've had a rough weekend. Remmy started it followed by Paisley and Penelope. Beck was the last one to drop in the evening yesterday. This is one nasty vomit bug. I have hungry babies and all they want is their Halloween candy. Poor kids. This is what sickness looks like in our house. The little VCR/TV combo in my bathroom with buckets and towels every where. I've already done 5 extra loads of laundry and it's still coming. Here's hoping it ends as quickly as it came on. I'm sad because Jakobi had to take her family home early hoping to beat the sickness home so they didn't have to deal with it in the car. Hope they made it!