Friday, February 28, 2014

I've slowly been introducing food to Remington and he is not really sure what to think. We tried a few random jarred baby foods; bananas, peaches, peas. He would make such a face and push it back out, but we will continue to try. He may be a lot like Penelope was and just want mashed up human food. He was sure thrilled with these mashed up bananas at lunch time the other day! 

I was hiding pretend Easter eggs for paisley to find and apparently I hid them too "hard." She says to me, "now I am going to hide them for you to find and I am going to hide them so they are as hard find as my doll's shoes!" 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When I'm in the kitchen making meals or doing dishes I have to stand on one foot. The other foot has to be at the ready to stop Remington from running over my toes or ramming into my heels. It actually hurts pretty bad when he does get me! Ha! 
 Turning 8 means joining the Boy Scouts. This one kind of took me by surprise. I mean I knew Beck would be turning 8 years old and I knew that Boy Scouts are 8, but for some reason  didn't put the 2 and 2 together. :/
 Boy Scouts means Pinewood Derby. Pinewood Derby means stress and battle of the dads. As much as they all like to pretend it doesn't matter, it does.
 For our first year we actually did pretty good! Notice I say "we" because let's be honest, the Pinewood Derby is a family affair. Beck designed his car and we painted it. He did most of the painting, but Uncle Bubba drew some SuperBowl numbers and stuff. We also used a Seahawks sticker to finish it off. Dad drilled a hole through it, so we had to get creative in fixing it. We melted fishing line weights on my stove and ruined a pan. All in all it was an enjoyable experience had by all.
 Beck LOVED the racing part. He was so into it and could've raced all day! Being stuck down in the church basement with dirty floors and Penelope and Paisley laying all over them and no windows, I was ready to get outta there after like 5 minutes, but we endured and Beck came in 4th place. He was super upset to not make it into the final 3 that got to all race each other again, but handled it as well as a temper ridden 8 year old could. Much happier at the end to realize how close he got and he's already working up designs for next years' car....

Monday, February 24, 2014

 Before edit
 After edit

I take a picture every month with Remington and this stuffed fox. Today is month #8 (don't remind me how fast time flew by, it makes me cry) lately I have been getting sooooo frustrated with trying to get "that" perfect pic of my kids. I make us late, I scream, I cry, I bribe. I get frustrated, my kids dread the "back drop" getting set up. It's a screaming match had by all. Today was no exception. Penelope kept "photo bombing" Remmy's shoot and then standing in the window and stopping my light example: first photo. I was beyond frustrated. So I finally set Rem on the floor in his most comfo postion (He doesn't love sitting up and he's not very good at it) and got down on his level and then I got this: the last 2 pics. I am so happy. I need to learn to "Let it Go!" and just work with what I've got and quit trying to get it perfect, cause it never will be. That face is just his special thinking face and I still got the fox in the background without him mauling it. I have definitely learned I am NOT a newborn photographer will all the props and zero patience. I am NOT so awesome with babies either. Paisley's age isn't too bad, taking pictures for other people is the hardest because you aren't always sure what they are expecting, so I always make sure they have looked at my pics and can get a sense for the type of pictures I take. So many photog and momtogs have completely different styles! But I gotta say taking pics of my own kids has got to be the hardest and that's why I got all into this in the first place!

So anyways; Remmy is 8 months old, still not sitting up my himself too well, not crawling, too busy just being cute, and patient, and laughing and giggling. He has started a little food, not loving the rice cereal or the jarred baby food. He wants the real stuff, just like Penelope was. He LOVES his biter biscuits. I think he would eat a whole box if we let him. I still nurse him quite a bit and he is a horrible sleeper. Little 20 min naps two times a day and wakes up every hour or two at night. He is quite the mommy's boy and will calm down after I hold him.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beck is 8 year old and 3'11" and 47 lbs. he's upset that he will be in a "booster seat forever!" 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My little man got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by his father yesterday, February 15th, 2014. He was also confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had so much support come to spend this special time with us! My parents (My dad was able to give an absolutely wonderful talk on Baptism about pinky promises being like the convenant that we make with Heavenly Father and our big brother, Jesus Christ) and brother, Justin, drove up from Idaho and Kalan came from Seattle. Most of the Ashtons were in attendance as well as Taryn's new fianc, Jesse, and the Vail and McKay families came too! SO much love and support for Beck on his special day!
After being baptized Stephen asked him while in the dressing room "How do you feel now?" and Beck replied, "I am wet and I don't want to say the other because I know you felt it too." Stephen paused thinking he was speaking about feeling the Spirit. Then Beck continued, "I felt soggy."
We will take it. Beck is growing up and is so smart and we just love him. He is becoming quite the jokester and is really god at remembering scripture stories and is always willing to work on his attitude and remember to try his hardest to make the right choices. We are so excited for him!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remington started breathing funny this afternoon. I honestly thought Penny had fed him a marble or something, but it sounded wheezing. I watched him for a bit and he was all spitty, I took some video and then finally decided to take him in after about an hour. He was his happy charming self when we got to the walk in, so of course they all thought I was crazy. Luckily I had the video to show Dr Lindberg and she believed me and it sounded like RSV but the test came back negative so he got a athetoid shot for croup. We left and Dr Lindberg called us back because she felt uneasy about it and he got in for an XRay. I was glad because a small part of me still thought Penny had fed him something, but the Xrays were clear and I was sent home to keep a close eye on him. I'm glad we caught the croup early and feel better about no marbles stuck in his esophogus! 
As mothers we don't take many pictures of ourselves. I can maybe find 10 on my hard drive from the last year (2013) I read all these blog posts about "putting yourself in the pictures" and I think like others we all get hung up on it. Last night I gave my son Remington his first bottle. This is always a big emotional hang up for me. I have waited the longest with him, he's almost 8 months, not that I was shooting for a goal or anything. Part of me is selfish because I like to sit in my room and stare at his face and feed him while the others kids run crazy. At first Penny hated me nursing him, she still gets kind of upset but now that she's older she can watch TV while I feed Remington. I cherish those calm relaxed moments. He didn't love the bottle. He drank for a few minutes and then gave up and wanted nothing to do with it and I honestly was kind of relieved...

P.S. Beck took this picture

Monday, February 10, 2014

 Oh my gosh I love this kid. Beck Nephi Ashton, our first born, has turned 8 years old. Man, that went fast! He had his interview with Bishop Glade Daniels-Brown on Sunday and he passed! He was so cute and nervous and tucked his shirt in before going in. He will be baptized this Saturday at 6pm with some family and friends in attendance.
 He had his much anticipated "friend party" on Saturday and invited mostly kids from his class at school. Courtlynn Cardwell, Roman Jenks, Kellan Morrison, Tyson Garza, Jason ?, the Vail boys; Ryker and Rydge, Presley ?, Dawson ?, Ryder ?, and Ashton his bestie and cousin. We decided a long time ago that he kids can have a "friend" party when they turn 8, 12, and 16, so this has been much anticipated.
 Beck got lots of Seahawks stuff that he loves, a remote helicopter, some glow legos, and Skittles!

 His actual birthday was on Sunday and we snuck out after church and dinner to go sledding at the sand dunes. This little boy has grown up! He also requested banana cake with cram cheese frosting and we sang to him again at 7:09pm the exact time he was born 8 years ago.