Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Penelope likes lotion. She will bring you a bottle and shriek until you give her some and then she will rub it all over her cheeks and arms and then ask for more! 
Remington turned one month old today and for his picture taken outside grandpa Bobs cabin because we are up for Ashton Family Week with all the Ashtons in Priest Lake. Remmy is a good baby and puts up with a lot of poking from Penelope and has recently started taking a binky. He still sleeps quite a bit and all the cousins have had quite to time fighting over who gets to hold him next if they can convince me or his Grandma Ann to give him up for a minute. He eats every 2 hours but takes quite some time to nurse because he takes about a 10-15 min break before he finishes eating. He's. good nurser and doesn't really fuss that much at all. He likes being swaddled and loves his hasa by his face. It's not too often you can get a picture of him without his hands by his face. 
Paisley "I think I want to marry an ice cream man so I can eat ice cream all day." 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 Ashton Family Week 2013 SUCCESS! We had tons of fun hanging out with tons of family and cousins. Penelope had a high fever the first day, but was over it and no one else got sick! That's a first! Lots of floating and swimming in front of the cabin.
 Lots of naps and holding of baby Remington.
 Paddle boat rides.
 More holding of Baby Remington. This time it was cousin Sadie's turn.
 More swimming and jumping.
 A short hike to Hunt Falls with a precarious picture taken.
 More floating and swimming. This was not Penelope's favorite part.
 The longer hike to the Rock Slide which is always super fun.

I even convinced the teenage girls to go down with me, and little Tess.
 Family pictures taken on the dock. Remington wore his little tux onesie and Penny got a Batman one. Only black outfits I could find and they fit in well. No one was the wiser ;)
Penelope's only place she is happy at when riding on the boat. Daddy's lap.
 Stephen "helping" aka forcing Beck and then Paisley to jump off Indian Rock.
 Paisley plugging her nose.
 And Beck learning out to wakeboard. He even got up a few times for a few secs. He was not totally wanting to do it, but he was brave.
 Stephen learning how to surf behind the boat.
Like I mentioned before, another successful year. We love Ashton Family Week and it always goes by way to fast and we are sad to come home!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

 We made a super quick trip to Burley, Idaho to shpw off baby Remington. We stopped in Boise and stayed Tuesday night, so Stephen could do some appts for work Wednesday and then spent Wednesday night- Saturday morning in Burley. First stop was Papa Goose's work to meet Papa Goose. Then on to Great Grandma Mimi's.
 Even though great grandma Mimi is always telling us all that we have too many kids, she sure loves those babies!
 Cousins Penelope and Keema with new baby cousins Remington and Kierady.
 Sleeping out on the trampoline. Beck and Paisley lasted maybe 30 minutes.
 Grandma Maimi Dawn took most of the girl grand daughters to go make necklaces and bracelets at a bead store in Paul. They all had a super fun time and will cherish their jewelry. Thank you Maimi Dawn!
 Always a treat pizza at Uncle Al's Pizza Shoppe!
 All the cousins and Grandma Mimi minus Broxton who was awnry and ended up staying home with his dad.
 Grandma Maimi Dawn and Baby Remington, 2 weeks old.
 Great Grandma Mimi and baby cousins Remmy and Kierady.
 Stephen and Korbi Ashton Family and Mimi at Al's Pizza.
 Stephen and Korbi Ashton Family with Dawn and Bruce and Mimi.
 Maimi Dawn and Papa Goose and all their grandkids minus awnry Broxton. and Penelope being held up by her dad because she doesn't like people OR her picture taken. Top L-R Stephen, Penelope, Broxton, Justin, Bridger. Hanna, Dawn holding Kierady, Keema, Beck, Bruce, Remington, Jax, and Jensen. Front L-R Alizah, Lizi, Paisley, and Piper.
Saturday morning we drove to Rexburg to pick up neice McKenna to take her back to Washington with us and show off baby Remmy to Stephen's brother Joel and his family. This is cousin Piper Ashton and Remington.