Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I told Beck to put khakis on for his first Pack meeting tonight where he is receiving some awards. His response, "why should I? I should have my own style, we should be free!"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

We were driving home from Boise (stayed in Boise to break up the Drive home from Utah) on Easter Sunday. With the help of a friendly neighbor Easter Bunny and friend, Mckenn Reis, the kids came home to treats! They were so worried and after not seeing anything hid outside when we pulled in Beck was quite the upset brat about it. But yeah !!!! The Easter Bunny came. What ensued next was chaos searching for all the great places an Easter bunny would hide candy and eggs and prizes. 

Remmy got a baby toy and got to play with some empty eggs on his very 1st Easter. 
Paisley found a Palace Pet, Penelope found an Anna (from the movie Frozen) baby doll and Beck found a Skylanders Giants figure for his wii game. 
Pretty much any candy Penny found was open and eaten and she had quite the sugar rush and then sugar crash afterwards! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remington is 10 months old!!! In 2 months he will be a year!?! How has this happened!?! My sweet little baby has been sick and has been quite the cranky monster that needs to be held and carried around all day! He finally cut a top tooth and a bottom one. The bottom came thru a few hours before the top one, but I suspect the rest of his baby teeh to quickly follow. Poor kid has had swollen gums for months. 
Remington still likes his walker and babbles a lot to anyone who will babble back. Stranger danger and attached to moms hip. He takes his binky randomly, but is not super attached to it. Still needs to be wrapped up like a flailing burrito to go to sleep, and has to be rocked. I play music lullabies on Pandora on my phone as I rock him. Still nursing like a champ and steadily growing and trying new foods every day! (Mostly baby food) 
My little baby man is such a blessing to us and really very sweet and precious. This time always goes so quickly. Sometimes I wish teenage years would last only a few months and baby time would last years!!! 
Our quick Idaho/Utah trip. It was so good to see my grandma. She really is an awesome lady! She has been sick lately and I hate seeing her that way! 

Remington decided to have two teeth break thru (finally!) on our drive down and it only added to his crankiness from being sick. 
We stayed in a hotel and the cousins came to enjoy the pool with us! Paisley has turned into quite the swimmer! And hotel breakfasts are our favorite! 
Before we went to Bountful for the wedding we got to stroll around the temple grounds at salt Lake on Friday. 10 years ago we were married and selead and now back again with our little family! So fun to walk around and take pictures with the kids. 
Saturday was nephew, Taryn's wedding to Jessie Percell in the Bountiful Temple. 
Penelope took selfies of herself most of the day. This was right before she dropped Stephens phone and shattered the screen. Oops. 

Penelope is growing up so fast. She likes to get her backpack and her lunch ready just in case I'm going to let her follow the big kids out the door and ride the bus. She says "bus? Me?" Like 10 times in the morning I guess trying to get me to change by mind. 

Beck is in the middle of learning a very hard lesson. I bought him some Pokemon cards a few weeks ago and told him as soon as he had the $12 to pay for them that he could have them. He has $6.40 and wants to get them now and finish paying for them later. He wanted me to place a vote on fb. Apparently he didn't think I would win and is in tears constantly when he checks the notifications and learns that 90% of the comments are people are his mother's side! 
We made a quick trip to southern Idaho to visit the Becks and see Grandma Mimi who has not been feeling well and then onto Bountiful, Utah for our nephew, Taryn's wedding. It was pretty much a miserable drive and Remington was sick the entire time. He has been sick for about 3 weeks now. He has croup and just finished his steroid meds and like 6 more days of antibiotic and I hope it gets cleared up. Him being sick has made for numerous sleepless nights and a very cranky mommy and baby. Today he fell asleep twice in my arms (which NEVER happens) and took a fairly long nap of a few horse which also rarely happens, so here's to hoping he is on the mend!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is the part of the day that I am usually at my worst. I'm tired from the constant picking up, the diaper changes, the running around and playing taxi, the shoveling of cold food into my mouth to give me some energy to keep going. And this so when it happens- starting at about 6/6:30 when dinner is served the giggles begin. And as much as children's laughter is supposed to provide one happiness, it does nothing but send me into a frustrating tizzy. They get to laughing so hard they can't eat, then I know that dinner will only take longer and I am starting longingly at the clock wishing their dad would walk in at any moment, so that I can retreat to the bathroom and lock myself in for a few quiet moments. 

And yes, we had Doritos with our dinner. Don't judge. 

My two year old, Penelope, holds her writing utensil better than a lot of kindergarteners. She writes little circles on all these little sticky notes and notepads that litter my house. As annoying as it is, it is also one of the things that makes me super happy! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

 This is actually pretty clean for my minivan. I just wanted to show pictures of all the bags that I pack to try and contain the clutter from piano books to diapers.
 I always have a thing a wipies right next o me so that I can pass them back to the kids to wipe messes and dirty hands.
And always a Mountain Dew in the cup holder and chapstick to the side of me.
 Beck can be a little bit OCD when he wants to be...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I've totally got this motherhood thing under control, as long as I don't take a second to pee...