Sunday, September 20, 2015

I coach gymnastics for 2 hours on Monday evenings while my kids are in their own gymnastic classes and Beck is in break dancing. Last Monday was my first time. Violet cried in the babysitting room (there at the gym) for a long time. It was rough. 
They decided that I need to bring a bottle of pumped breast milk and maybe it will help keep her calmer. So I wanted to be the first one to give her a bottle. Today was that day. It's always a little emotional for me. 
Fall and football season are upon us and I could watch Beck ply football all day long! He has improved so much from last year and really loves it. He plays safety and protects the outside really well!

Adams County Fair in Othello is my favorite because of the free muttin bustin! My favorite! Paisley may have been forced to go... 
Baby Remington went willingly and so fast! 

Beck had a blast and couldn't wait to go and got stepped on and also took the sheep down to the ground. 
Uncle Bubba has been visiting for the week until he moves to Washington DC. We will miss him soooo much!  

Paisley got her cotton candy reward. Her most favorite thing ever! 
Penelope was also given cotton candy even though she wasn't forced to ride a sheep. 
Violet was a cutie trooper at her first Fair! 

And Beck had to have his turkey leg! Remington and Penelope finished it off for him. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

I don't take many pictures of myself because well, I guess that that would be vain. Haha! But I got my hair trimmed and decided it was time to document what I look like at this stage of my life, other than the yearly family pictures. 
I also stubbed my toe a few days ago and let out a string of mumbled profanities as my eyes flashed black and this is the outcome. Eek. It's raining and fall is coming and due to this toe I am wearing flip flops! 
Writing my blog posts sitting in the parent pick up line at the kids' school. Beck is riding the bus to neighbor kids house so he can get a ride to football practice because today is my first day back coaching gymnastics since Violet was born. And I'm sad because she doesn't feel good and I just want to stay home and hold her. But paisley and penny have gymnastics during this time, so I would be there anyways waiting for them. Beck will also have break dancing during this time once football is over. 
Remington has discovered that when he bites Violet she lets out a really sad piercing scream and he likes the reaction I guess. Sad. So sad. He got her right above her belly button yesterday. I guess it's his retaliation for all the times that Penelope bit him when he was a baby. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beck now sits in the seat between Remington and Violet. He has turned into a great helper when Violet needs something and I am driving. It is teaching his patience for one thing! Love these sibling moments! 
Wonderful Aunt Tiffanni permed Penelope's hair and we love it so much! She hates having her hair combed or done, so I was looking for something that would make our days easier and this perm is hopefully doing that! Thank you Aunt Tiffanni! We are still all in shock that she actually sat and let her do it the whole time...

There is a girl in Gilbert, Arizona named Cherish. She is a young mother of 4 little ones hay accodently left her baby in a shopping cart and has received some horrible backlash on social media. Some people even calling for her head or to be thrown in prison. I understand how awful this could have turned out, but the baby is fine and clearly loved and cared for. What I don't love is how quick everyone is to jump out and cry for someone's head or whip out their phone to record an incident other than help. My mother in law always talks about how when she was raising kids that everyone pitched in and helped. Everyone looked out for everyone else. Definitely not like that anymore. Now I just look over my shoulder al the time worries about who is judging me or going to call Child Protection Services to try and take my babies from me. It seems so ass backwards! Drives me nuts! I want the sisterhood back, I want mothers who want to look out for one another instead of one up one another. Let's me helpful not hurtful. We are all in this building the kingdom of God on Earth together!