Monday, March 31, 2014

 My little ball of sunshine, my constant crease of my smile. My little sweet angel. How could I have helped create this creature of awesomeness? I'm serious. She is amazing. She cares for others, she feels compassion for animals (and sticks money she earns in a jar to buy dog food for dogs that are hungry) and she is smart to boot!
She has enough sass to fuel an airplane and enough smart alec to cross an ocean.
 My little piece of me and I couldn't be more proud.
Paisley is turning 6 years old in 3 days and my little girl is growing up. The sweetest thing you will ever meet. She is excelling in school, practicing her piano. She enjoys her choir with her friend, Laurelyn, and attends gymnastics class where she is the friendliest one there! She still doesn't love the color orange, loves her color books and notebooks. She has a hard time letting stuff go (a few crying fits over her bed that got hauled away) yet she likes to make people happy by sharing her candies and toys. She loves strawberries and wearing dresses. My sweet Paisley Marion, a ray of sunshine and spunk wherever she goes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poor Paisley had an abcess tooth that needed pulled. While brushing her teeth one say I noticed a bubble on her gums and after a google search: abcess tooth. After a few prep appointments and some "sleepy juice," they pulled that sucker out and also fixed another cavity that was  hiding on a tooth next to it. She was a champ and said "I only screamed one time!" Beck got his abcess tooth (exact sane spot!!! Don't ask me how that happened) pulled a few hours later and did great as well. 
This is Paisley after receiving $2 for her tooth. She had the babysitter write a cute little note because she wanted to keep the little plastic "treasure box" the dentist sent the tooth home in. Beck lost his tooth and is still looking for it to "get some money!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Remington at 9 months 
17 lbs 3 oz 
24.75" long
18" head circumference 

He can sit up, but not for long before he topples over. LOVES his mama and still nursing like a champ. The bottle is still a foreign object to him, but he likes his food. He loves to scoot around the kitchen in his baby walker and is getting pretty fast at his army crawl. 
Rem at almost 9 months (in 5 days) is doing a slow and wobbly army crawl, but he's getting it! Go Remington! Time to hide all the small stuff. And on another note, Beck hit Penelope on the head with a metal baseball bat, almost immediately after I warned him not to swing, that she was right there. Oops. She's ok, just a headache and super mad!!! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beck "Mom do we have to be 12 or 13 to be a boyfriend?" 
Me "You can start dating when you're 16, but being a boyfriend is like after your mission. When you're just dating one person."
Beck "What? Darn it! I thought it was when I was 13!"

Friday, March 7, 2014

After taking some me time to finish a necklace order I came to bed a little before 11pm. Since then I have nursed a baby, taken a child to the bathroom, taken a temperature and then given medicine to child, rocked a baby to sleep, gotten a drink for other child, and changed a toilet paper roll. It's 12:20am, I wonder what the rest of the night has in store for me.
It is now 3:38 am. Remington has been rocked to sleep two more times, Paisley has been soothed of a bad dream about black widows living in our house, and Beck has joined the ranks of "everyone sleep on mom's floor" tonight. I think I may pass out from exhaustion... Slumber on Sleeping Beauty Stephen....

Bet you will never guess what I am doing... 3:48am.... Rock a bye baby, in the tree tops.... Mommy is going crazy, pacing in her socks. When a child wakes, she thinks she may lose it, hers eyes are so heavy, she might just throw a hissy fit..

Monday, March 3, 2014

I met an elderly gentlemen in the elevator at the Pediatrician's office. Penelope wanted to push the elevator button and we were late. She kept pushing the red alarm button and I kept trying to calmly show her the one that had a 2 on it was the right one to push. He entered the elevator and looked down and smiled at her. He said to me, "Looking back feels like it was just yesterday, but I know that looking ahead feels like forever, just know that it's not." 

My house is full. 
My house is full of art projects and painted handprints.
My house is full of drying play dough bowls and scooting roller babies.
My house is full of cardboard houses and Little Coup cars carrying ponies and snacks. 
My house is full of paper chains and kids' toys.
My house is full of food crumbs, sticky handles, and baby silverware.
My house is full of back washed water bottles and wet snow clothes.

Most of all my house is full of love and I dread the day all these things are gone. I pray there was enough love shown in these days that they can't wait to come back to visit me.