Monday, November 18, 2013

Remington rolled over on Sunday the 17th. I wanted to cry. There's no stopping him now! He's growing sooooo fast! I've been pushing him back from rolling over for like 2 weeks but I was distracted and doing Paisley's hair and PLOP! He did it.... My baby boy is getting big. 

Paisley "mom, you look like you're 51."

Me "I look like I'm 51?!?"

Paisley "yes"

Me "ouch, that's mean."

Paisley (concerned look on her face) "no! You LOOK 51, I didn't say you WERE 51."

Oh wow. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beck 2nd grade teacher Mrs Reyer. He enjoys math and is reading at 3rd grade level. 
Paisley kindergarten teacher Mrs a Fuller. Who loves her and says that she is the perfect student! 

Stephen Ashton family pictures September 1013.  
Penelope was a Booger, but we got a picture of everyone looking (well, besides baby Remington) and that was a real feat! 

Oh this girl. Oh geez. Never ending with her.... 

The kids didn't have school in honor of Veterans Day so my friend, Sabrina and I took our kids down to the ArtGarden to paint. I let the kids do Christmas ornaments and they are sis great and I think had lots of fun! Even Penelope was so good! Remington hung out in his car seat thank heavens and for his hand print on an ornament. 

At one point I think that Stephen was sad that Beck didn't like basketball or any sports for that matter. I thought he would be more into art and drama and plays like me. I was happy. :) Sometime after this past summer when Beck went over to a neighbors house (Terry Byington) with Stephen and jumped on Terry's trampoline and dunking a basketball from the trampoline. Then this past fall when Beck played flag football he became obsessed with football and basketball and sports and especially the Seahawks. I am now a mother that hears the sounds of a basketball bouncing all the time in the house and the voice of my baby boy saying things like "the 40, the 30 he's running! And the crowd goes wild!!" I don't think Stephen could be happier! 

Paisley just snuck upstairs and caught me with 3 Oreos and a glass of milk. 

Paisley "who's Oreos are those?"

Me "those are mine"

Paisley "you shouldn't have those Oreos."

Me "why not? I haven't had an Oreo today"

Paisley "so that doesn't mean that you need 3..."

Well played my child, well played. Now go to bed.