Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beck learned how to tie his shoes last weekend!!
Penelope has a rough time with Remington. She screams and whines a lot since he was born. She bites his fingers and hits him on the head. I believe she is frustrated with sharing her mama and her time and frustrated that she can't use words. Times that I catch with then like this are rare, but I cherish them!
Times are usually more like than where she writes on his with Sharpie marker....

Today has sucked. It's just been kind of crappy. I feel lost because I had no phone and constant worry I was missing some where I was supposed to be. Running all around trying to get everything done yet seeming to be late to everything at the same time. And I swear Penelope and I have been at each other's throats for the last 12 hours (read 4 months) so I throw dinner on the table and start shoveling some in my mouth since I haven't eaten all day and halfway thru my clean plate Penny starts screaming a different whine and I look up and she's folding her arms and looking at me like "mom? Mom? We forgot something." Wow. Talk about putting me in my humble place. Well played Penelope, well played. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

 Baby Remington had a major bald spot on the back of his head from the hair rubbing off, so I finally shaved it. I just meant to make it more uniform, but the guard wasn't catching his super fine hair, so I took it off and well, babies are wiggly.... He now has very little hair. He also looks more grown up. It doesn't look too bad and I am still torn on whether it was a good move or not.... This was also his first time sitting in the Bumbo chair!

 And a few days later he turned 4 months old. Our baby boy is getting all grown up. He doesn't sit up on his own but I was able to lean him against the couch cushions to take this photo of him being a big boy. He is so sweet and patient. All smiles and such a great baby. He sleeps until about 4 in the morning and then likes to eat the rest of the morning (whether I fall asleep and he's nursing the whole time I really have no idea!) and then we are up at 7 to get ready for school. He likes to be held and lay on the mat in front of the shower while we all get ready and watch the kids run around. It's sad to think that before long he will be up running around as well and I can't freeze this sweet baby! Although I am excited as I watch his little personality emerge.
Weight 12lb 6oz, height was 24.5" 
Oh this girl. Miss Penelope is a wild one. She pushes my buttons daily. All day. Every day. Whining, crying, screaming. Kicking, poking baby brother Remington, throwing cups of water, screaming for yummies, it seems never ending with her. We have our moments, our cuddling moments and smiles and new words learned. She has started calling me "mommy" instead of mom. She says; uh oh, no, yeah, peese (please) thank you, up. She is really starting to mimic lots of words. I really just love her!!!
When Stephen and I went to California the kids stayed with friends. When I returned 5 days later I was checking Beck's homework and he had been forging my name on his homework. Hahahaha! Such a funny kid. Love him! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IStephen had some business meetings in San Francisco so Remington and I tagged along. Thank you to good friends, Sabrina and Bonnie, for keeping the oldest kids and the Othello family for keeping Penelope. 
It was nice to get away for a break, hot food, nice walks, and time with Stephen. 
Remington got a yucky cough while we were gone and Penelope was so mad well while we were gone and they are both still not feeling well. 
We didn't get to go visit Alcatraz because the day before we left there was a government shut down. We did take a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge, so we went past Alcatraz and I got some pictures, but sadly this is as close as we got. 
It was good to make it back to the kids and hear of heir fun times staying with friends, but sleeping in and room service was good too!