Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Penelope had been sick throwing up for a few days. In that time she got no milk and only a bottle of water every now and then (crackers, soup) so after she was all better I decided it was time to kiss the bottle goodbye. She's been able to drink out of a sippy cup and cup shortly after she turned 1 year old, but she preferred a bottle and especially after Remington was born she really clung to the bottle even more. She had been bottle free for. 2 days and the world is still spinning with only a few major melt downs. I'm sad to see my baby girl growing up, but she is growing into quite the firecracker and we love our Penny! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stephen and I went to Switzerland for 10 days. I ate hot food, wandered around taking pictures, and experienced riding a motorcycle in the Swiss Alps in the rain and thunder. We had tons of fun hanging out together and dancing and talking! The kids stayed with a sitter for the first 5 days at our house and then Grandma Ann and Remington with aunt Mary. They survived and I missed them terribly. 

Paisley saved her money to buy this diamond (paper weight) that she spotted at Hobby Lobby months ago. She carries it around everywhere. She wants me to build a vault for it. One that "bars will come down and trap the theif!" 

Friday, July 11, 2014

My beautiful Paisley is growing up so fast. She's becoming a little feisty at times, but is still quite the angel and even did the dishes for me this morning. Xoxo

Beck smashed a bug with his bare hand this morning. It was a proud moment. If anyone knows Beck they know how much he hates bugs!!! He's come a long way! Even if it was a small tiny bug... 

We spent the week of the 4th of July up at the cabin. We were sposed to come home Saturday, but ended up staying until Tuesday. Yeah! I love it up there! Beck really caught on the wake boarding and can get up every time now. Stephen bought a smaller board and it's "Seahawks colors," so Beck is convinced that is what worked. He also got up on skies and said it was way easier than wake boarding! 
The 4th of July pic of the kiddos. 
Penelope hates the loud fireworks and now hates sparklers because she touched one with her finger and got a pretty good blister on the end of it. 

Baby Kylie was a great sleeping Remmy holder! 
Paisley and her good friend cousin buddy  Sunny and their spots at the front of the boat...
Penelope smashed her toe by dropping a can of corn on it. This was right after she burned her finger on a sparkler. Needless to say she was pretty grumpy the rest of the week. Poor thing. It got pretty swollen. 
The short hike to the waterfall that always freaks me out how someone could fall right in by one false step of goofing around and sleep. Really gives me major anxiety every time we go! 
Another successful fun week at the cabin and can't wait to go back!