Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games. Better than Twilight. Now don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the Twilight books as well as Harry Potter. Great parts of my life reading those books and watching the movies at midnight showings. But the Hunger Games books were just something different. Seriously. Transported me into a different world. I love discussing it with friends and other fellow Hunger Games lovers. While at the midnight showing of Twilights Breaking Dawn part 1 I was discussing the Hunger Games with friends that hadn't yet read them yet, and a preview for the Hunger Games came on and I turned around when it was over and their jaws were wide open. My set of the books was then passed around to about 30 people and I had a group of people to go to the midnight showing with on the 22nd! And it was Alicias (Taylor) birthday! I whispered her name around and when the whole theatre sang Happy birthday Alicia, she was so surprised that everyone knew her name! It was a great movie seen with great people and friends! Jakobi even drive down early for her Spring break to watch it with us! Penelope actually slept thru the whole thing. Her longest stretch of sleep since being born. She knew how
into and excited I was for the movie. :) Lots of gals from church and also from AIM gymnastics who all I count as good friends were in our midnight showing group. Lots of fun and a great movie!

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