Saturday, October 20, 2012

 Stephen's birthday was ALMOST a bust. He was super tired from lots of traveling all week. The kids picked out a box of Cheerios, gum, and a Seahawks football for him and we had cake before taking kids to the babysitting night at the gym and Penny to her Aunt Kortni. I had planned for families to come over for ice creal, but then I heard Dominic Monaghan was going to be deejaying at a bar (for fun) in town called the Saucy Hog, so you betcha I was going to be there! To me he is Charlie on my favorite show, LOST, that Stephen and I watched faithfully for 7 seasons. He was in town shooting an Indie fils called "Deep Burial." Stephen was excited too, even if I showed it more. We ate dinner at the BBQ Depot which is connected to the bar and then headed to the back. We heard he was coming at 10:00, but he didn't show up til past midnight, but we stayed and I was so excited when he actually did come! I got a picture/video, because Stephen had the phoen set wrong when I forcefully hugged him to grab his picture. There were a lot of people, but I got to hug him! Yeah! It was super fun and memorable.

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