Wednesday, December 25, 2013

 Penelope Skye Ashton joined us the day after Christmas in 2011. She is now two!!!

 I really don't know where the time flew, but it flew fast wherever it went.

 My big bug eyed baby is in full toddler mode.

 Complete with destruction, frustration in not being able to speak yet, and some of the cutest smiles that will just melt you.

Her personality is infectious and as long as we can keep her happy, everyone will be happy!
Penelope can say:
mama, daddy (but the dd is pretty much silent) up, down, Beck, Hanna, milk, water, noooo, yes, yeahhhh, more, please, cheese, baby.
Pretty much all the words of stuff that will keep her a tiny bit busy during the day. Penelope is still pretty mush completely in love with food and will try/eat just about anything.
Favorite Foods are pretty much anything, but she loves strawberries, bananas, pizza, hot dogs, ham, Kraft cheese slices. She drinks lots of water and is still completely dependent on her binky. She steals Remington's at least 6 times a day. She loves love loves her daddy and her face lights up when he walks in the door.
Stats: Weight 28.6lbs and Height is 2 feet 11" She's in about the 75th percentile.
Miss Penelope is the most spunky little girl that the Ashton Family could have asked for! As much as we butt heads during the day, she is still definitely a keeper!!!

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