Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Remington turned one month old today and for his picture taken outside grandpa Bobs cabin because we are up for Ashton Family Week with all the Ashtons in Priest Lake. Remmy is a good baby and puts up with a lot of poking from Penelope and has recently started taking a binky. He still sleeps quite a bit and all the cousins have had quite to time fighting over who gets to hold him next if they can convince me or his Grandma Ann to give him up for a minute. He eats every 2 hours but takes quite some time to nurse because he takes about a 10-15 min break before he finishes eating. He's. good nurser and doesn't really fuss that much at all. He likes being swaddled and loves his hasa by his face. It's not too often you can get a picture of him without his hands by his face. 

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