Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IStephen had some business meetings in San Francisco so Remington and I tagged along. Thank you to good friends, Sabrina and Bonnie, for keeping the oldest kids and the Othello family for keeping Penelope. 
It was nice to get away for a break, hot food, nice walks, and time with Stephen. 
Remington got a yucky cough while we were gone and Penelope was so mad well while we were gone and they are both still not feeling well. 
We didn't get to go visit Alcatraz because the day before we left there was a government shut down. We did take a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge, so we went past Alcatraz and I got some pictures, but sadly this is as close as we got. 
It was good to make it back to the kids and hear of heir fun times staying with friends, but sleeping in and room service was good too! 

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