Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So I went skydiving again back in September. I convinced Kortni and Kalan to go with me and the kids and Stephen came to watch too. Super fun and such a thrill! I got sick to my stomach this time but didn't barf so that was good! 
Sergei was my random partner and he was pretty funny. He let us do a backflip out of the plane. He says to me right before we jump "Korbi I forgot to instruct you if you realize we become separated in the air, what do you do?" I said "I don't know, reach for you?" And he says "no, you must pray, that is al that you will have left to do!"  He also said to me "Korbi, if you look up and see blue sky and hear me screaming like little girl then you forgot to arch. Just arch and we will live" 

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