Monday, December 14, 2015

I've been meaning to tackle my craft room for a long time and finally jumped in! Here are some before pictures. I admit freely to being a craft hoarded, but if someone needs something I love having it to lend out! 

I sold my big desk that Stephen bought me almost 8 years ago. 
Here is a work in progress. I got most of the cabinets for free and paid $12 for fhe large one on the bottom on the left of the "white cabinet wall."

I paid $160 (yikes!) for the vintage lockers are the farthest wall and found a deal on the lockers on the left wall and ended up getting them for free because a friend bought all the other lockers on my deal and ended up with a good deal so she passed on the savings to me. 
Keri Perez helped me paint and I spend about 3 weeks in total from take down, organizing and purging, to finish up. 

I love my new space! My grand total spent was $250. The most expensive being the above poctures vintage lockers and the counter top was $84 everything else was free or stuff I had. I also sold the large desk and some other odds and ends that helped keep costs down. 

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