Saturday, January 23, 2016

The day after Christmas Penelope turned 4! At 4 years old she weighs 38 lbs  and is 41.25" tall. Such a spunky little thing and so fierce! 

She wanted a playdoh party where the kids got to make their own colors and this year she wanted the tree to stay up, so we left Christmas up another day. 

Cousins came to celebrate with us and Penelope had a fun time! She also wanted to make gingerbread houses at her party. 

Such a sweet girl. Cousin Hanna gave her a huge Kinder Surprise egg with 6 eggs inside and she shared and let everyone open one! ❤️
She said her play doh "Crazy Cuts" was her favorite thing about her birthday and she played with it well after all her guests had gone home. 
Happy Birthday Princess Penelope. You are such a smart and sassy girl. We love you fiercely. 

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