Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As this Mother's Day weekend begins I lay in bed in the quiet before all the chaos starts and reflect on these littles that I have been blessed with and the man that helps raise them with me. Every year when Mother's Day approaches I actually dread it. You heard me, I dread Mother's Day! 😳 It's the expectation of sleeping in, someone else doing the dishes, no one asking me to wipe their bum, tie their shoes, get them a Popsicle, or wipe their boogers. No one begging for a snack when I've said no 5-6 times already, head butting me from a temper tantrum because I won't let them see what happens if they try and stick a fork in the light socket, or wiping boogers across my freshly laundered shirt. I have these expectations that I don't want to make meals or do dishes. I don't want to SERVE, I want to sit and nap and read a book in the quiet. I am going to try my hardest to change my attitude this year. This is the year that Mother's Day will be perfect and I will be thankful for the snotty noses and smelly feet because one day they won't be there. The thought brings a tear to my eye. One day they won't need me to put on shoes or help with a story problem. I want time to slow down, I want to hold those sticky pudgy hands a little longer. I have been blessed with sweet kids who adore me and want to ask for my help and want to make a mess to create me a masterpiece and this year I will take it all in and accept it. Appreciate it. Love it. Happy Mother's Day to every woman out there that serves and serves with a smile. Happy Mother's Day to the women that will clean up their own Mother's Day breakfast and continue to wipe bums and give in to requests for sticky suckers before dinner that you will be wiping off surfaces later. Mother's Day I will celebrate  all the things that I usually think drive me nuts, but make me who I am and yes, someday I will miss all those things. ❤️

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