Sunday, November 25, 2007


Alright, I'm getting frustrated. I tried to change the background on my blog to one from Pyzam and it deleted everything, but when I went back and added one from blogger, then they were (my posts and pictures) there again, but now i can't find where I re-add my links to other people's blogs. When I first did a background from Pyzam I had to re-add the section to other links to other blogs, but there has to be a way to not have to re-add them, can someone shed a little light on this subject? and where is the part where it says "add a page element? It seems to have dissapeared. PS I hate hackers and viruses.....


Amber Cederberg said...

Hey Korbi! (It's Amber Lindsay from high school!) Your little boy is the cutest little guy ever!! Congrats on your little girl on the way, Paisley is a very cute name! It was fun to run into your blog! You will have to stop by mine sometime!

Happy Holidays!

Sommers Gerratt said...

I know what you mean I had to start over too.... I'll never do that again..

Alisha W. said...

If you are getting your html code from another site and they are having you erase ALL the other html garbage that is needed to make the page all the page elements you put up yourself will be erased! It stinks! I make my own background/header and after erasing everything once, figured out there is only 3 things that need to be changed to change the background, etc so I don't lose all my added info on the sides.

Adding page elements should be under your 'template' then page elements tab!
I have never really messed with pyzam templates so I am not even sure what they are having you do.

I learned how to do my templates from this site:

Like I said, all your stuff will be erased once (in order to get all the adjusted html column widths etc) then you only have to change a few things and you can tell what they are because they are all the blue highlighted links! ;) Good luck-

Mitch & Cari Johnson said...

Korbi- I am no help at all but I am looking for help too. Thanks Alisha for in insite. Good luck.