Monday, December 3, 2007

Viruses suck

Man, I know how to have a baby, I know what an LO is in scrapbooking, I can make a mean plate of boxed brownies, I can can peaches and make applesauce, I know how to pretend how to sing in a group, I am known well for acting like a kid when I am teaching to get them involved, and man, I know how to be grumpy in the morning, but when it comes to these computers I am completely dumbfounded. I love the internet, I got it for my birthday and I am hooked. I love blogging and keeping in touch with family and friends. I've even had people call me to look on the internet to see what prices are good for stuff or what type of illness they have, but now, I feel alone, I feel cheated, I feel like I have had something taken away that was very important to me. My internet is now as slow as, gasp! Dial up.... dum dum dum.... Turns out I got a nasty virus and now I have to wait for our hard drive that Stephen is going to order to come in and put everything on it and then rebuild my whole computer to wipe out this nasty thing. So that's where I've been. My pictures have been piling up on my camera for fear to download them to my computer, and I have been waiting for what feels like 3 days for my blog to come on my screen behind a bunch of pop ups guaranteeing me the best home loans and what college I should go to. So no pictures for now, and picture me cussing out this poor machine in front of me as I cry over my loss of communication..... Wish me luck. And promise to not use Pyzam for backgrounds. Alisha Wilkinson gave me a great a web site to use, look under my "HELP!!!" Post in the comment section for the link. Adios everyone and hopefully I will be back soon!


Cassidy said...

Yay, your a blogger too! I'm sorry about the internet. Nothing frustrates me more then slow computers. DAH! Hopefully everything works out! That's exciting about the baby!

Tiffany said...

oh man, that really stinks. Within the first year we had our computer we had to take it in twice to get viruses fixed, and once because the hard drive crashed...seriously I love technology but hate it all at the same time! Why can't it just work the way we want it to, all of the time!! And I agree, slow computers are really the worst!! I complain about my parent's everytime I am there!

Bethany said...

Oh boy...the dial-up connection...that's some bad news. Sorry about that. You have a cute layout though. Did you get it from pyzam? I thought they were the ones that gave you the virus. I gave up on trying to do a cute layout.