Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming back to a parking garage in a shady part of New Jersey from a Train ride into New York this evening, oh ok. It was late, like 11:30. Three exhausted children, shopping bags, and rushing to not be the last ones out, I come across a Broken passenger door window. Gosh dang it. Luckily the idiot left my Taco Del Mar punch card and on a more serious note, my "bucket list" I've had since like the 9th grade!! He just hit the jockey box where I had emptied about half my purse to lighten the load of carrying around a huge bag with everything in it! NOW if the idiot had moved about 1.5 feet to the left then he would've hit the mother load behind the drivers seat of 2 laptops and 2 DVD players! LOL so after Beck stated that he wishes he could have been there to "fight the bad guys" and Paisley fell straight sleep And Josh was worried until the nice police officers got there and gave him fist bumps and I reassured him that the guy was caught and in jail from a few other cars he broke into after ours, we made it back to the hotel where I got to do a fancy garbage bag and tape job! Pretty exciting for the kids' first time in New York if I say so myself!
Stephen is at the rental car place hopefully getting us a new rental this morning and I am down at the pool with the kids waiting for Bob and Anns plane to come in from their quick trip to see Stacy and Feliz in Florida. Then we will all head out today to Kirtland. We have had a good trip so far with me only spilling 64 oz of Mountain Dew in the rental and now a broken window. We have visited some great places including Mount Rushmore, the Sacred Grove, Whitmers farm where the church was organized, and yesterday the American museum of Natural History and Times Square. I am excited to post some great pics when we get home in another week!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Korbi, you do have some of the craziest stories. Glad they missed the mother-lode.