Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm still working on our pictures from our New York road trip, I took over 1600 pictures, so it may take me a while. LOL I wanted to post some Easter pictures because we are heading to Idaho tomorrow and will be gone for another week and I don't want to be that much further behind!
We had a great Easter weekend, finally getting the lawn mowed and the water/sprinkler on. We have had a busy week since we got home from our long two week trip to New York and back. The day we got home Stephen tried to turn on the hose to water some pots and the pipe broke and water started pouring into our storage room. Our friend, Mike, came over and told us what we had to do and we've had guys here cutting down dry wall and pumping away water. Then the next day the fridge broke. :( Once again, Mike to the rescue and fixed a blown fuse. He's not going to want to be our friend anymore! So laundry's done, bags unpacked, only to pack them again, but my little brother, Kalan, came for Easter so that was exciting. Kortni's family and us had an Easter dinner together on Saturday and it was delicious! On Saturday morning there was an Easter party at the church and the kids got to bring home a bunch of candy filled eggs.
After the egg hunt at the church, Kalan and Stephen went on a motorcycle ride with a friend, so the kids and I dyed Easter eggs. We only broke 4 out of 18, so I consider it a success. Paisley really liked to grab the eggs with her hand right outta the dye. Beck wanted to check on the color about every 5 seconds.

Easter dinner with the Nelsons and Uncle Kalan (Bubba). It was also Piper's 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Piper! Paisley asks every day, "we go to Piper's house now? How bout Lizah?"

The Easter bunny came late Saturday night and it was a quick hunt for all the candy and then carted off to Othello for baby Asher's (Tiffanni and Ruben's) baby blessing. There was a lot of family in attendance and we got a group picture together which we haven't done in quite a while. Asher was an angel during her blessing and Ruben did a great job. Well, I think that Beck and Stephen are upstairs shaving Stephen's head, sadly, so I better go... Happy Easter everyone!

New Easter clothes for Sunday...Ashton Family at Asher's baby blessing. We love it when Uncle Bubba comes to visit! and we miss him and talk about him constantly after he leaves!


twylla said...

Isnt Easter fun for the kids new clothes and all the eggs from the Easter Bunny.

twylla said...

i was so gald you were able to come for even a short time . It was fun to have the kids and they are so cute and so active reminds me of someone else I know when she was littleglad you helped me with the computer I can do a afew mor