Friday, September 30, 2011

I went and saw The Help movie the night before to the late show and in the show Skeeter asks Adelaide how to cut onions without crying and Adelaide tells her to hold a match between her teeth. Well, it works!!!

Tomatoes generously given to us by GINGER MERRILL!!! Thanks! They were delicious!

Bethany and her steam burn! AND a messy messy kitchen! Bethany and I sure know how to make a mess! We had a pretty good system going with no major mishaps. I think that we did burn up a paper towel...

Oh the mess...

But the yummy salsa that we get at the end is so worth it! I had never canned salsa before, so Bethany was the expert. It turned out deliecious, even Stephen and Jason agree! Until nect year, Canning Buddy Bethany!

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