Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sniff sniff, tear tear rolling down my cheek... My baby started his first day of Kindergarten today with Miss Candace at AIM School. He HAD to have black Converse before he started and we found some velcro ones in Twin when we were last in Burley visiting family and attending my 10 year class Reunion.

Paisley was convinced that her first day of school was today too and had to have her backpack on. She starts Preschool in Miss Marni's class tomorrow. 2 of my babies in school??? Good thing I'm knocked up!

He just walked right in like he owned the place. Stayed in class the whole time (I know because I hung out at the school all day helping teachers and in the office and such-

Miss Candace gave them carmel apples and they "did everything, like everything mom."

He also had his first Yoga class right after Kindergarten taught by Miss Alicia. He hid under his yoga mat for a bit, but did pretty good. This may just replace hsi anger management classes! :)

And Paisley started gymnastics in Hot Shots. I am her teacher and I taught from 4-5:30 and Paisley lasted about 45 minutes, but I figured that was pretty good. Needless to say, it's 7:00 PM and after a full day at the school and the gym we are plum tuckered out, kids are in bed watching a show and I am headed to bed. Yesterday we sanded and painted the deck all day with the help of my brother and I have not completely recovered from doing all that. Luckily a Pepsi kept me going today...

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