Wednesday, November 7, 2012

 The 1st grade class and Kindergartners at AIM recited the Preamble to the Mayor of Moses Lake
 And then all the adults signed their ballots
 Us and "Mr Mayor" of Moses Lake.
 and dropped them in the drop box.
It was an exciting election year this year with a candidate that created some more buzz than usual. Very family oriented and many views and ideas that I sided with. Mitt Rommey ran for the President of the United States against President Obama. And although he didn't win and it was quite disheartening I will get up and continue my day and be the best American that I can be and continue to strive to help those around me and live my American Dream. It was fun to get all the kids excited about the election process and "letting their voice be heard!" It was an election year that I will not forget.

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