Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy #5 birthday to our sweet little beauty. Hard to believe you are getting so big and headed off to kindergarten next year. I love to hold you, and wipe your tears. I know that you don't like kisses, but your hugs are the best! Rainbow is your favorite color, although you don't like the color orange. You love to eat strawberries and Smarties candies. Chops and cheese from Taco Bell and spaghetti noodles with "sprinkle cheese." (Parmesan cheese) You enjoy wearing your rain boots and your Toms. You are a talented little dancer, although you would rather stay home and play My Little Ponies. Riding your bike longer distances than 2 blocks still makes you crazy ad you love to carry around your notebook and fill it with marker writings and drawings. You are so kind to others and are quick to share your things to make others smile. Also very quick to tattle on your brother or turn Penelope into a "binky monster" by giving her all her binkies at one time. We love you out precious little Paisley, continue to be kind, thoughtful, and always full of spunk! Happy birthday Pais!

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