Monday, August 19, 2013

 Grant County Fair 2013!! I bought wristbands for Beck and Paisley back at Christmas time at a discounted price and this is the first year that they have been more than estatic to ride the rides and we spent hours at the carnival!

 Becck had some super awesome hair after this big ride that he was having such fun and went again and again!

 Penelope just wanted to be held by her daddy.
 and the yummy fair food!

 Remington at his first fair and Beck not so happy to go on this big drop ride, he got off and didn't end up riding it.

 We went back later in the week to see what ribbons the kids got on their entries and took cousin Ashton with us. The boys got their faces painted, we watched other cousins show sheep, and had more yummy food!

 The kids got various ribbons. Their paperwork got lost on two projects so they got participant ribbons and Paisley's My Little Pony book was lost so it didn't even get judged. She was sad, but got over it. Hopefully next year it will be more organized now that they have had a year to get used to their new system.

Petting cousin Rylee's sheep.

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