Monday, August 19, 2013

 I always try and teach my children the value of a $1. It's tough when the Fair rolls around. The lights, the bright colors of the Carnival, the expense of it all. We went Tuesday night with cousins and family and Paisley wanted to play the fishing game sooooo bad and I kept saying no. She wouldn't let it go. We went back on Thursday to see what ribbons they got on their exhibits and she convinced me that this is still what she wanted to do and was going to use her own money. She played one time for about .07 seconds and "everyone is a winner" and she picked this little killer whale stuffed animal. In the middle of my "talk" and "lesson" about how we could save our money and make our own fishing pond and buy a bunch of toys at the $1 store or Oriental Trading instead of spending money on such silly games and winning silly toys that will fall apart she looked right at my face and said, "But mama we think that the things you spend your money on are silly!" End of lesson.

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