Saturday, January 11, 2014

Before I was a mother I swore up and down that my kids would not wear clothes with "characters" on them. I swore they wouldn't. I was adamant about it even to the point of returning a few outfits I received as gifts with Disney characters on them. How naive I was. So funny. 

Fast forward. 

7, almost 8 years. Lightning McQueen and Cars Tshirts and ball caps, Star Wars bed sheets, Hello Kitty sweatshirts, My Little Pony backpacks, Smurfs socks, Rapunzel pillowcases, and now Penelope's newest love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My kids love it all and I love the smile that's on their face when they wear their favorite shirt with a Princess on it or carry around their super hero blanket. And I've learned something. If it makes my kids happy you better believe I'm buying into it and it makes me happy too! 

Well played Disney, well played. 

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