Monday, March 3, 2014

I met an elderly gentlemen in the elevator at the Pediatrician's office. Penelope wanted to push the elevator button and we were late. She kept pushing the red alarm button and I kept trying to calmly show her the one that had a 2 on it was the right one to push. He entered the elevator and looked down and smiled at her. He said to me, "Looking back feels like it was just yesterday, but I know that looking ahead feels like forever, just know that it's not." 

My house is full. 
My house is full of art projects and painted handprints.
My house is full of drying play dough bowls and scooting roller babies.
My house is full of cardboard houses and Little Coup cars carrying ponies and snacks. 
My house is full of paper chains and kids' toys.
My house is full of food crumbs, sticky handles, and baby silverware.
My house is full of back washed water bottles and wet snow clothes.

Most of all my house is full of love and I dread the day all these things are gone. I pray there was enough love shown in these days that they can't wait to come back to visit me. 

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