Monday, October 13, 2014

I am kind of tired of being taken advantage of. I have had people dicker with me on my session fees. Seriously. And not one discount, they go for more. And I get it, I like stuff cheap or free. That's why I got into Photography!!! (Funny joke on me considering how expensive this hobby is!!) haha! To one gal I finally said, "look, I have to pay a sitter for an hour and a half and be away from my 4 kids. The camera and lens I am using costs $3000 and I will spend 3 hours editing your pics, either in the middle

of the night while my kids are sleeping or while they are destroying my house as I ignore them, so if you want to use your kodak camera and do it yourself then the pics will be free, but not as good so this is my final fee take it or leave it" I expected her to walk away and wish she had! But she booked me :/ lol-

On a happier note, look at my sweet Remington!  

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