Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am 18 weeks. I feel little flutter movements from baby #5. We have chosen again to not find out the gender until birth. I am ansy. It's a long ways away. I am tired. Penelope and Remington keep me on my toes. All. Day. Long. If they aren't making messes together then they are making messes at opposite ends of the house or Prnny is beating up on a crying Remmy. I cherish these moments when Penny is watching Mickey Mouse and Remmy is cuddling with droopy eyes ready for nap time. I miss the older kids when they are at school and life gets crazy come 4:00 when they get off the bus and we rush off to activities. I cherish the days with no piano or gymnastics or football practice, but at the same time I beam listening to Paisley practice her choir songs and Beck watching football plays so he can practice during recess. 

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