Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stephen came across a showing in a theatre of my favorite movie of all time The Last Unicorn. It was touring around the world and playing in select theaters. I bought tickets for the girls and I to see it in a little town called Sunnyside, 2 hours away. 

I think they were as excited as I was! 
Meeting and getting an autograph from Peter S. Beagle who wrote the book San also the screenplay. The girls even got their picture for the Sunnyside newspaper. 

They also won a raffle and some unicorn poster prints from the show. 
It was a success and they loved it! I think I have two little girls to join me in my unicorn obsession! 

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Jenny Robbins said...

I'm kind of excited you even have heard of this movie! It was definitely one of my favorites growing up. I can't believe you got to meet the author. So cool! The girls look awesome!