Monday, May 11, 2015

Some peopl have to work out to feel sane and some enjoy cooking. I like to make stuff and as long as I can craft I will survive and not go off the deep edge no matter how crazy it gets around here! 
This is Violets keepsake tin to stick a few baby items and momentos in. 
This will be her 4th of July outfit to match the girls' dresses that j made out of the same Mickey Mouse vintage sheet.  
I'm a little obsessed with making these little sun rompers...
Her stats quilt that is off to the quilters to be finished. I will finish the binding. 
A zippered pouch project that has been sitting waiting for me to finish for a while.

This is the dress that I was blessed in jazzed up a bit. Mine had a little yellow ribbon and I added more and the purple and the bonnet. Also a little matching bracelet and binky chain. She will be blessed June 7. 
And my vintage craft show that I participated in at the fairgrounds this past Saturday the 9th. The Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market!! I had dresses and sun rompers, bonnets, fabric cuffs and hair pieces made with vintage fabrics and brooches and buttons. And other vintage items, books, knick knacks. I made back any money i spent on products and an extra $300, so anything I sell now will be profit! Yeah! I had a lot of fun and this is my second year doing this show. I absolutely love it and my booth partner, Mary Davenport. My friend, Keri Perez had her booth across from me and it's such a fun day! It's hard to come home to a trashed house, but I need to understand that the older kids are still alive and had a fun day with their dad. Violet spent the day with me and she was very good! 

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