Monday, May 11, 2015

The reasons why I get out of bed every day and several times in the night. The reasons why I smell like rotten milk and I can't keep my eyes open once 3:15 hits. The reasons why I love stretchy pants and I regret piercing my belly button in my teen years. The reasons why I cook, clean, repeat, several times a day. The reasons why my patience has gotten better and also worse at the same time. And the reasons why my heart beats every day. My babies. <3 May I never regret my path in life to take on the role of mother and may I never forget the sticky hands and sloppy kisses. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who Mothers those around you! 
We spent Mothers Day in Othello after church and we had some yummy hamburgers and played our traditional kick ball game. Fun day with cousins and family!! 

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