Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost Christmas

When we went and got Beck's picture taken with Santa a few weeks ago, he didn't cry, but it did have this very sad and upset look on his face and we even got the pouty lip from him. He was just not too sure, but then Santa came to his school and he waved to him and yelled for him and sat on his lap just fine. Then Santa came to the ward breakfast this past Saturday the 15th where these pictures were taken and he sat on his lap and mumbled a bunch of words to him and even gave him a high five and "knuckles." It was pretty cute. He waved goodbye to him and now recognizes him in books and pictures. Last night we decided to open a bunch of presents, so that we didn't have to pack them all the way to Idaho for Christmas. We are taking a bunch of stuff down for other people from other people, so we don't have a lot of room. Beck had fun moving from one present to the next and ripping them open. If he couldn't find a way into one then he got frustrated and gave up and moved on to the next until Stephen showed him where to rip. It was so fun! I got to open up a big present from Stephen that was this big frame that holds 30 photos from Costco. I love it, he also gave me large scrapbook kit that I am totally in love with and can't wait to use! I think that Beck's favorite is his Disney Cars mat that he plays with all his cars on. He drives them up and down the roads. Stephen was trying to move it into the other room and he threw the biggest fit! He also knows who "Mater" and "Lightening McQueen" are, but I think that he is just saying "Queen." He will point to them is you ask him where they are. He also got a small garbage can that has Lightening and Mater on it and he is so funny trying to open and close it. It is for him to put all of his cars in because he is gaining quite a collection! He actually does really well keeping them all in one spot because he likes to line them up next to him while he is watching his Cars movie. One of his favorite words roght now is "movie," I have to fight him so hard not to watch a movie. We try and stay out of the house and go play at other places, so that I don't have to fight him because I have been so tired with this pregnancy that I really would sit on the couch all day and let him watch movies! I have said it plenty of times to friends, but I am so excited for Christmas. We got Beck this Lightening McQeen car and everytime he sees it at Wal-Mart he goes crazy for it. I can't wait until he sees it Christmas morning! If I don't get the reaction that I've been waiting for then I think that I just might cry! That's sad to say, but I really am excited for Beck to open more presents and to see family.


Wendy said...

So, I love the pics of Beck opening presents. I bet he had tons of fun. I can't wait for Christmas morning. So my parents did move to Hailey, so I don't make it to Burley too often, but I know what you mean about Taco Bandito...everytime I do get to Burley, I have to go there. It is totally worth the heartburn!

Ryan & Rischel said...

I want an early christmas! How fun. Have fun in Idaho.
I want to see your photo frame thing. If it's the one I'm thinking of I am totally jealous.. I wanted to get it, but I don't have a house to put it in right now.

Bethany said...

I love that he gave santa the knuckles. He makes Roman look like a big weenie. So, are you having fun in ID? Don't worry...your house still hasn't burned down :)

Dallas, Jess, Hannah, and Baby said...

I Love your blog, it inspired me to get my own. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year :)
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