Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!

I'm BACK!!! It's fixed, it's fixed, knock on wood.... My computer works! I am so excited! First of all, I spent a fun day shopping in Tri-cites with my friend, Bethany, and it was also her birthday and now I am back and writing a blog for the first time in what feels like forever..... and I get to add pictures and I ordered pictures from Costco and Stephen is bringing them home, there is still snow on the ground and all my Christmas shopping is done and there are wrapped presents under the tree and there's a really big one for me!!!! Can you see why I am so excited? So now to catch up;

It snowed November 28th pretty well, so well that Beck got to make his first snowman. Stephen went in to work late so that he could help us with the snowman and Beck had so much fun. When our work was done, Beck gave our new little snow guy a big hug. Then it got warm and by the after noon frosty had melted and fell over. The snow was gone, but now it's December 11 and it has snowed again, so there is snow once more.

Beck has little plastic "choking hazard" dogs that he gets out of the 50 cent machine at Wal-Mart. He calls them, "pup-pups" and he really only plays with them when he is wating because he likes to feed them food from his plate. It is so cutem he makes these little pup-pup noises and everything! We went and got our tree the day after Thanksgiving and I was so excited! I love the smell of Christmas trees. I am sad this year because we are leaving to go to Idaho next Tuesday or Wednesday and we have to take our tree down before we leave. Beck had a lot of fun putting the tree up in the tree stand with Stephen. He kept making these grunting noises trying to turn the little screw things in the stand to tighten them. He was laying on the ground with Stephen, it was so cute!

Here is my first prego pic that I have taken with baby Paisley. I am 23 weeks along. I know the clothes are tight, so try to squint past that, I am only trying to preserve memories for my posterity..... :) This pregnancy is finally a lot better. The morning sickness has finally gone away and I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. I have fun trying to organize all the clothes that I got from my sister, Kortni and my sister-in-law, Michelle. But I try to restrain myself from buying more. I just feel bad if the baby turns out to be a boy, which I will be equally as excited for, but I don't think that he will be happy with the pink baby scrapbook that has all his ultrasound pictures in. I don't really think that Paisley is a boy name either! haha! Beck points to my stomach and then his stomach and says, "baby" but whenever he sees a picture of himself, he also says baby, so we'll have to wait and see who the real baby is. :) Beck tries to be soft, but man, he sure does like to wrestle!


Cassidy said...

I love your pajamas! I also love the pregnant belly. REally I do. I loved being pregnant. So is Beck good at keeping the ornaments on? Carter won't leave them alone!

Anonymous said...

LOOKIN' GOOD! All of ya! Can't wait to see you.

Bethany said...

Oh how I love Beck's pup-pups. That's so cute. Has he ever tried to eat them? Just curious, because they would be quite the choking hazard. You know, we really are to peas in a pod because I bought those same pjs at wal-mart. You look cute in them.