Friday, February 15, 2008

Day After Valentine's Day

Happy Day After Valentine's Day and here's a shout out to the 2 men in my life, Stephen Nephi and Beck Nephi. Yesterday was a great Valentine's Day. Beck and I went to play group at Jenica's house and then we went to Othello to pick up Stephen and we all went shopping in Tri-cities. I wanted to pick up some pictures from Costco and Stephen got me a gift card to Target for Vday and it was burning a hole in my wallet, so I went to spend it. Beck was pretty much out of control most of the day and Stephen chased him around a lot and said a lot of, "I'm gonna put you back in the cart if you don't stop running off..." Stephen is pretty good at following through with his "threats," I pretty much suck at it!
My Stephen is the best husband in the world, seriously. Oh yeah, sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but it seems like most husbands are like that. We just went through a great deal of grief (that seems will never go away) but it only confirms to me the love that I have for my husband and my family. Without getting too incredibly mushy, he really is just a great guy that does a wonderful job in taking care of me and our family and I am totally in love with him. Now on to my little monster Beck. Man, what a love bug! He is so much fun and frustrating at the same time, and he makes like so worth while. How I am going to split the love that I have for him with baby Paisley is beyond me, it must just grow. I got Beck 2 Thomas trains for Valentine's Day and Stephen commented on how spoiled I make him, and I know it, he deserves it! I am going to raise spoiled brats! Ahhh! I only get what I deserve from them, but it is so hard not to buy him stuff! I guess it will be better when I have Paisley because then I will run out of money by the end of the month and not be able to buy them so much! This last picture is of Beck at his Parent/Tot Spanish class handing out his Valentine's. This is actually him trying to get Valentine's out of his box once he realized that there was candy attached to some of them.


Mardis Family said...

That is so cute! At that age, my boys were not interested at all in passing them out. They always wanted to keep them.
Your "boys" are wonderful, I agree, and I am so excited to meet baby Paisley!

Anonymous said...

You did a good job on his VDAY box! Hope you had fun shopping!