Monday, February 25, 2008

Yep, he's spoiled

Yes, it is true, my son, Beck Nephi is spoiled. Two birthday parties and weeks apart, so really it has been his birthday for about 3 weeks now. These are pictures from his 2nd #2 birthday party in Othello with the Ashton Family, combined with cousin Carsten and Aunt Debbie. He loves to blow out the candles and open presents, and hitting something (pinata) without getting told no? Yes, now on his list of top 10 things to do. Good thing his Uncle Ruben and Aunt Tiffanni got him a bat and ball, now he gets to hit everything with an actual object and not his hand, oh the joys of toddlers. And Beck knows that he's 2 and is taking full advantage of it. I used to think that he hit the "terrible 2's" early, but now that he's actually there, I take it all back, that was nothing. This attitude he has now, well, that's something. Restaurants? Forget it. Sharing, what's that? Cry until I get it? You got it. Make my mom carry me everywhere just because I can, oh yeah. Shake with rage as I pull her hair and then proceed to give her kisses to make it all better, yep, consider it done. What an angel, your love must really grow for the 2nd child because I am exhausted and the thought of doing it all over again frustrates me and excites me all at the same time. :)

We are almost ready for Miss Paisley's arrival, I say almost because really we have all the material stuff, clothes galore, we may buy a double stroller, but as of now, we are ready with all the "goods," and Beck has been prepped in proper baby ettiquette, of course none if it sticks, but we keep up the quizzing and he has his own "baby" panda that he feeds it's "baba" too, but as for emotionally? I just keep thinking, man, I don't want to be pregant anymore. Although I am excited to think about how fast that it has actually gone, but it doesn't mean that (feel free to quit reading here because complaining follows) my back doesn't hurt, my stomach and skin aren't stretched to the max, and I wish, oh how I wish that I could wear that cute shirt I bought 2 months ago at Maurices, but none of that will change for at least 5 more weeks, if it's more I have been lying to myself, so don't read any posts I do that 6th week, or you may not want to be my friend or family member anymore and that would be sad. But ANYWAYS..... We are getting excited and trying to get last minute projects done and keep busy, which Beck has done very well at, man, that little bugger is always thinking of his mom. :)


Tamara said...

I always think that it should be my birthday for the whole month of June, I am also a big fan of being spoiled.

Simon & Sara said...

It's Sara (Bowen) Osthed! I admit I was blog hopping and found your blog! Your little Beck is so cute. I know how you feel about the second pregnancy, the last month or so seems to drag on. I just had my second little girl. Check out my blog

Alisha W. said...

Totally agree about the terrible two's! I am so over this phase and it has only 'really' officially started! There's nothing wrong with a little spoiling right?! :)
Love the hair cut, super cute!