Saturday, March 29, 2008

LiA sOphiA

LIA SOPHIA ever hear of it? No... You are missing out. My sister, Britni, sells this fine jewelry but unfortunately has not been able to have a party for awhile (bed rest for the past 4 months! WOW!) Anyway she is now hosting an online rendition and would like everyone to take part so they can enjoy the benefits! As always buy 2 get the 3rd half off!And for all you out there, that is the most expensive one!So buy the cheaper ones and get the spendy one at 1/2 off!

April's sale is..Buy 2 at regular price and get 4 1/2 off (3 out of the 4 have to be pins or slides)

Check out her site at to view all the jewelry and her contact info.

For everyone who places an order, big or small,will be put into a drawing to receive all the hostess benefits! Which include: 20%off the sales in free jewlry, 4 items at $15 a piece, 2 half off items! GOOD-LUCK and have fun shopping!!

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